Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017

Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yamaha Supports Travelooza

In celebration of Asia Digital Marketing Expo's 3rd Anniversary, the first convergence of tour operators and travel agencies will be launch to promote the Philippines as the premier travel destination in the world. With Travelooza as its current theme, this event is set to happen on September 28, 2017 from 9AM to 5PM at Makati Sports Club along Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.

Supporting Travelooza is one of the leaders in the Philippines - Ms. Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yupangco Group of Companies, the grand daughter of the former Philippine President, Jose P. Laurel. According to her, supporting these kind of events can create awareness on our beautiful country as a destination like no other.

According to Regina, her mom, Nita L. Yupangco helped her so much to appreciate more on how the Laurels are passionate for the country.

Yupangco Music Corporation, Yamaha Electronics, Yupangco Music Academy formerly Yamaha School
of Music, Zoomanity Group, YL Finance and many more are just some of the companies under the Yupangco Group of Companies.

For this year 2017, according to the company website, after 50 years, G. A. YUPANGCO & CO., INC., through its present complement of 31 stores and 35 music school centers across the Philippines, continues to serve the needs of the Filipino musician and music enthusiast, providing state of the art musical instruments and sound reinforcement technology and the finest in music education while Zoomanity Group, the theme park management headed by her brother, Robert Laurel Yupangco is the number 1 theme park destination and is expanding in the Philippines.

For more info about Travelooza and to register, please send inquiries to events@travelooza.asia or call 09166299381 or 02 9170213.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 19, 2017

My Birthday Celebration at NIU by Vikings, SM Aura


According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the Rooster, the Fire Rooster, to be exact. And since I was born a Rooster, I think it is just but fitting for me to celebrate my special day above the ordinary ways that I used to spend my previous birthdays! And so I celebrated my birthday pigging out! hahaha

My birthday fell on a weekday. Thankfully, my employer allows us to make the most of our birthdays - I availed a birthday leave! Yay! It was my husband though, who absented himself just to celebrate my special day! Thankies baby! :)

Those who really know me and those who have been following my social media and blog posts know for a fact that I am very much of a foodie. I really love to eat and it has really been my goal to try, taste and experience every food that this world has to offer! :)

Another fact, I really love buffets because it enables me to try a very wide array of menus in just one occasion and/or venue. 

And so for my birthday celebration this year of the Rooster, I decided to treat myself and my hubby to NIU by Vikings located at 6th floor of SM Aura in BGC, Taguig City. 

I availed of their birthday promo, of course! I got to eat for FREE! Yay! :)

Upon entering the restaurant, you can immediately feel the elegance and the luxury that the venue exudes. I have already experienced dining at the other branches of Vikings, but NIU by Vikings is definitely a cut above the rest! 


Thankfully, we arrived there early, so we had the chance to enjoy the place all by ourselves even for a very short period of time.


Because after just a few more minutes, a great number of customers already started coming in! And before we knew it, the place is already full! Whew!


NIU by Vikings, just like the other Vikings branches, offers a very wide array of cuisines - only better. Way, way, way better, I must say. My hubby and I really had a great time tasting what each cuisines has to offer. Our eyes had a great time too because there were really much beauty and artistry in the preparation and presentation of all the dishes! 

To start of our foodventure, hubby headed to the shabu-shabu corner! Hubby really loves the variety that this corner has to offer! He cannot seem to decide on what ingredients to choose! hahaha

Shabu-Shabu Station

Come on, get your pick! There are really a lot of choices to choose from!

After the shabu-shabu station, we went to try each and every other stations!

Western Cuisine

Artisan Pizza, anyone?!

Noodle Soup Station

Bread Station

Salad Station

Japanese Cold Appetizers
Desert Station

and more...

and more deserts!

There are really much to choose from! Unfortunately, we cannot fit them all in our tummies! hahahha

All Vikings branches offer unlimited drinks as well - fruit drinks, coffee, tea and beer. And although I have been seeing wines at the other branches, I am not really sure if those are also for free or if there's an extra charge if you are going to avail of it. But at NIU by Vikings, wines are also absolutely unlimited! Rejoice wine lovers out there as at NIU by Vikings, there is even an available wine dispenser! Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of it! But, next time, I will definitely not miss it! :)

|Wine Station

Pasta lovers here!

Some of my tummy finds!

And of course, my birthday celebration won't be complete without me blowing a candle! Thank you so much NIU by Vikings for my birthday cake!

Happy Birthday to me! :)

The Celebrant! That's me! 

Celebrating your birthday soon? Don't pass the chance to celebrate it at NIU by Vikings and experience the delicious and luxurious cuisines that they have to offer. Avail of their Birthday promo where celebrants can dine in for free, so long as accompanied by 1 full paying adult! Nice, right?! Know more on how to avail of their available promos by clicking this link: http://niu.ph/rates-and-promotions-1/.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 04, 2017

HUE AND ME: Embracing The Art In Life

hue & me-triplejoys

Calling all art enthusiasts out there! ArtisteSpace is encouraging everyone to unleash their artistic sides by participating in their event - Hue And Me: Embracing Art in Life.

Hue And Me: Embracing Art In Life is an art fair that celebrates art in all its forms. Everyone aged five to ninety-five is invited to join in painting the town in bright hues on July 8-9, 2017 from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Functions Room 2-3 of SMX Convention Center at SM Aura Premier, Taguig.

Hue And Me upholds the philosophy of incorporating art in everyday life for entertainment, aesthetics, personal development, business, or even to effect social change. The fair aims to provide opportunities for learning new art skills and crafts, appreciation for art, and discovering its therapeutic benefits that improve quality of life, as well as empowering the youth with applicable knowledge and entrepreneurial artistry.

This fair will truly be an event that you wouldn't want to miss as it really offers a lot of opportunities, activities and ideas to help you discover and unleash the artist in you that had long been hiding within yourself.

Artists and entrepreneurs will be exhibiting their unique creations while engaging visitors to interesting and profitable workshops like how to make dream catchers, nail art, terrariums, charm bracelets, and pottery; cupcake designing; face painting; tattooing; food carving; make-up application; T-shirt printing; slippers painting; and rags/fabric weaving.

There will also be informative talks to choose from like Make-up Application, Photography, Art Therapy, Art Entrepreneurship, Doodling, Calligraphy, Nude Sketching Session, Painting, Latter Art and Digital Art in Character Development. Visitors are very much encouraged to participate in their preferred topic of discussion.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars now so you won't miss this artistically fun-filled event! :)

Hue And Me: Embracing Art In Life is produced and organized by ArtisteSpace in collaboration with SM Aura Premier.

Entrance fee is P200 regular rate and P100 for students. For more information on sponsorship opportunities and event activities, visit the website at www.hueandmeph.com.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30, 2017

Our Series of Bicol Funventure - A Glimpse of Sumlang Lake (Day 1, Part 3)

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake8

After the very tiring, yet fulfilling climb at the Quitinday Hills, our group had our lunch at Rayben's Place Resto Bar & Grill where we had our first taste of their famous pinangat, which is popularly known in Manila as laingPinangat is a Filipino dish which combines taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk. If you are into spicy foods, you should definitely try this!

bicol special pinangat
Bicol's Pinangat (photo credit to the owner)
After having our lunch, we immediately proceeded to our third destination - the Sumlang Lake

Sumlang Lake is located in Brgy. Sumlang Napa Gayon in Camalig, Albay. This tourist destination is rapidly becoming a famous tourist destination as it also offers a very great view of the Mayon Volcano, although the lake itself is also a beauty on its own.

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake1

The route going to Sumlang Lake is only a one-way road that is why the local government provides manpower to guide the tourists in going to the lake. They use two-way radio as a means of communication.

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake2

Upon arrival at the place, one needs to register. I just can't remember if there was a fee (sorry), but just in case, I am sure that was just minimal, P10 to P20 perhaps. :) 

So, what activities can you do in Sumlang Lake? Of course, aside from admiring the yet another side of the beauty of the magnificent Mayon Volcano, you can also go boating or kayaking while appreciating the tranquil atmosphere that the waters of the Sumlang Lake gives. But this of course, doesn't come for free! :)

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake3
The Triplejoys at Sumlang Lake

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake5

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake6
bamboo raft

And here is another view of the Mayon Volcano. Unfortunately, the clouds are covering the volcano during our visit, so we are not able to view the whole image of the volcano at that time.

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake4

So that ends our short glimpse of the Mayon Volcano and the Sumlang Lake! I really hope to come back again someday and hopefully I can go there earlier in the morning as the intense heat of sunlight somehow hindered us from fully appreciating the beauty of the place!

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake7
The Bahala Gang!

Hope you are enjoying our trips so far. Do check out all our trips and adventures.  But if you want to know more of the places that we visited for our Bicol Funventure, you can visit these links:

Kawa-Kawa Hills 

Quitinday Hills

Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid, My Perfect Baon-Preparation Partner!


School classes officially started earlier this month. My two daughters had their first day last June 5, 2017. Soo early! Whew! And with my daughters going to school, that would also mean daily baon-preparation!  Bento baon, here I come again! :)

I have been fascinated with all the bento ideas that my mommy friends have been posting on their social media faces. So, last year, joined the bandwagon and  started preparing bento meals for my children's baon as well. I really wanted to make their meals to be as healthy and fun as possible. This is just of my rewards for them for being such responsible students. :)

Here are some of the bento meals that I have previously prepared for my daughter's baon:

flower-inspired bento
Hello Kitty inspired Fried Chicken

But as much as I wanted to provide my daughters with healthy, delicious and appealing meals, I cannot do that alone. And here is where Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid comes in the picture. No matter how healthy and delicious and pretty their baon might be, I know that they wouldn't be able to eat it if their food containers are not completely clean and bacteria free. And I am just glad that Bubbleman is always at my side to the rescue! With Bubbleman, I am always sure that my daughters' baon are safe and grease-free! I really love how Bubbleman makes my baon preparation a real breeze and hassle free! Thanks much Bubbleman!

Hello Kitty food  and drink containers

Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid has three different variants to choose from - Kalamansi, Lemon and Anti-bac and their are available in leading stores and supermarkets so do check them out and you will be surprise how this very effective product is very much easier on the pocket too! :)


Want to know more about Bubble Man? Do check out their facebook page on this link: https://www.facebook.com/BubblemanPH/?fref=mentions. You may also check my previous post for more information. Here is the link: http://www.triplejoys.com/2016/06/bubbleman-dishwashing-liquid.html

Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 11, 2017

Our Series of Bicol Funventure - A Visit to Quitinday Hills (Day 1, Part 2)

For our second destination, we headed to Quitinday Hills. Bicol really has a bountiful of hills, noh?! :) 

The road going to Quitinday Hills is a very long, narrow and rough one. So if you are intending to visit this attraction, be sure that you're vehicle is equipped and ready for this kind of trip. 


Along the way, we were again able to capture views of the beautiful Mayon Volcano. I can never really get tired watching this perfectly cone-shape volcano! It is just so breath-taking! Truly a great wonder of nature!


And finally, we reached Quitinday Hills!

Welcome to Quitinday Hills!
parking area
Quitinday Hills, also referred to as Quitinday Greenhills Formation is located at Baligang-Caguiba Rd., Camalig, Albay. And with the composition of its many hills, Quitinday Hills is being compared to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the only differences are the colors and shapes of the hills. While Chocolate Hills is composed of brown hills, Quitinday boasts of its very rich, green hills. In terms of the shapes, well, Chocolate Hills they say has a little advantage! Nonetheless, Quitinday Hills is a beauty on its own! See for yourself! :)

Quitinday Greenhills...

But before climbing the hills of Quitinday to see its beauty, one must register at the Information Center for safety and accountability purposes. A guide will then be assigned to lead the trek.


Let the trek begin!


The way going up was not really an easy climb for us. The extreme heat of the sun was of no help too! Whoah! It was really a very difficult climb, but when you see a view like this, well, I must say that it was definitely all worth it! The view at the top was really amazing!


"I'm on top of the world!"
The Bahala Gang doing a wacky pose.
Sweet-sweetan lang ang peg! :)

But, hey! The climb was not yet done! And this second hill was much steeper than the first one! Look!


Along the way to the top, there are these rock formations, which prove the story of our tour guide that there was once a time when the water reached that part of the hill and that the hills that we are climbing that time were once under water! Frightening yet undeniably amazing!


And we reached another top of the hill! The view was even more amazing because at this side, you will not only be able to appreciate the beautiful green hills, but also the view of the Mayon Volcano. Mukhang medyo shy lang siya, nagkukubli sa likod ng mga ulap! :)


The beautiful Mayon Volcano...
more of the beautiful Quitinday green hills...


The climb was really a very tiring one. Thank God as there is an open hut at the top where you can rest while appreciating the view.

View from above. Look, there is our van! ;)
The guide was then about to lead us to the third hill, but unfortunately, we were all too tired to make further more climbs, so we decided to go down already.

Thirsty and hungry? Do not fret as there are available stores at the foot of the hill where you can buy some food and refreshments.


So that ends our second itinerary. When you go to Bicol, do not forget to check out the Quitinday Hills. I am  very sure that you will love it, and that's a promise! :)

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Note: Will be updating this post as soon as new links are available. Thanks!


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