Thursday, October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018

Imarflex Philippines' 75th Anniversary Sale!

Appliance Sale Alert momshies!!!

Imarflex Philippines is currently celebrating their 75th Anniversary. In line with their celebration, and I think, as a way of giving back to their loyal customers, they are currently having their BIGGEST sale EVER!

And of course, this momshie will surely not miss this chance! So yesterday, together with an office mate, I went to check out the available items on sale. Honestly, I was a little upset upon arriving at the place as when we arrived, there were really not much items on sale left. huhuhu... That was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The staff informed us that people were already piling up in front of their outlet as early as 6:00 in the morning! So imagine the volume of the people entering the outlet once they finally open at 9:30 AM! Ang ineet non momshie since the place is not really that big enough! So, I guess, this should really be expected. Ubos na ang mga sale items! Only the rice cookers, water and coffee Boiler and the electric fans remained with great stocks. Unfortunately, rice cooker is not on my list. :(

But thankfully, we did not left immediately as a little while later, staffs were already bringing down sale items in preparation for the next day! Yay! I was able to buy two flat irons, one at 50% off and one at 75% off! I was able to buy this Airpot, unfortunately, it is not at 75% off , only at 50% off. Still a good deal, right?! :)

(photo grabbed from Imarflex facebook)

Here are some of the items on sale momshies so you will have an idea on what to expect and aim at the Imarflex 75th Anniversary Sale!
Imarflex Smart Pan - P3,000.00
Water and Coffee Boiler - P2,750.00
Microwave oven - P5,150.00 (from P10, 300)
Microwave Oven (manual) - P1,287.50 (from P5,150)
Microwave Oven - P1,100 plus 
Small Rice Cooker (with dents on the body) - P250.00
elecric kettle - I think this is around P270 plus. 
3 in 1 Oven - P1,500 plus

And this is really what I regret to have missed- the 3 in 1 Oven! When the staff brought this one (there was only one of this item!), I was not able to grab it immediately! A young couple grabbed it ahead of me. huhuhu....

Anyway, I am still happy with my purchases. But I will be back again! And now I know what is the best time to visit their outlet - around 5:30 PM as it is during this time that the staffs were already starting to replenish their stocks! Not much crowd too! hahahaha

This is surely a sale that you shouldn't miss! So go ahead and plan your visit to Imarflex Biggest Anniversary Sale! The sale will last until October 30, 2018. The store opens from 9:30 AM till 6:30 PM, Monday thru Sunday! Remember momshies, the sale is available only at Imarflex Factory Outlet located at 103-113 Bee Lu Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City! See you there!!! :)

For more information, you can drop your questions at the comments section. You may also visit their Facebook page! Happy Shopping! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018

Island Rose Offers Lower Rates in All LBC Branches this October!

Flowers are gifts that warm the heart, no matter the day or occasion. Who doesn't love flowers anyway?! There might be a few but, I, myself love to receive flowers. I just love the colors and the smell of the flowers! But since my hubby is not that much into giving flowers (expensive and impractical daw), I just visit my pots of roses whenever I am craving for flowers. Hahaha!

But thankfully, LBC has come up with a promo that will make giving flowers a lot more affordable. In this promo, customers have the chance to show loved ones how much they care because they will be given special discounts when they purchase from their partner, Island Rose.

Under this promo,  Island Rose offers a 12% discount for every order of 3 stem, 6 stem, 1 dozen and 2 dozens red rose arrangements. Applying the stated discounts, a 3 stem rose is now priced at P704; a 6 stem rose is at P1,012; 1 dozen is now at 1,830; and 2 dozen now costs only P2,596. Great savings, right?! Will definitely be relaying this promo to my hubby. Baka sakali... Hahaha

With this promo, Island ROSE just wants to remind everyone that gifting flowers is not only limited to  Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. They are perfect gifts too during  birthdays, anniversaries and graduation. And even during ordinary days when one just needs to send their love and thoughts to someone they hold dear, flowers will surely deliver the message.

So, what are you waiting for? Make someone feel special today by giving them any of island Rose’s special flower arrangements available in any of LBC’s hundreds of branches nationwide!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

June 28, 2018

Mercado del Lago, The Newest Food Destination in Taguig City!

Mercado del Lago at night!

Good news to all foodie out there! Special mention, of course, to those residing in Taguig City and its nearby cities as this new food hub is definitely more accessible to them! 

Located in C6, Lower Bicutan Taguig (just beside the Lakeshore Hall), Mercado del Lago opened last May 22, 2018. Launched as the newest food destination in the city, it also boasts of being the first and only floating restaurant in Taguig City! Yay!


And knowing the foodie that I am, papahuli ba ako?! Definitely not! hahhaha So, together with my hubby and other relatives, we braved the huge crowd of the venue's soft opening!

Super crowded bes! Dami talagang foodie sa Taguig! :)


What made the night more lively (and it might also be the reason for the huge crowd) was the presence of live performers, led by Up Dharma Down. Other live bands who performed that night were Sud, Groove Manila and many others!

Upon entering the venue, the different food establishments will welcome you. There are really many food options to choose from, especially today because during the soft opening, there are still many stalls which were not yet open.

Our family's version of  The Hunks!:)

Separated from the main hall (super big kubo), are the smaller nipa huts where you can eat your meals with a more comfortable dining experience. These nipa huts are best for families and barkadas. Because although you can also eat at the main hall as there are also tables and chairs available, it is still undeniably more comfortable dining inside the floating nipa huts because you also get a chance to appreciate the view of the Laguna lake.

with my foodie buddy...

  The nipa huts are a little limited, though so they observe the "First Come, First Serve" rule. So, during the soft opening, we still have to wait for more or less an hour to be accommodated. And this goes with the food too! Nauna pa kaming makakuha ng kubo kesa sa pagdating ng pagkain! Sa sobra kasing dami ng tao, di makasabay ang mga kainan. Good luck talaga. hahahaha

But, maybe this is no longer the case now as unlike during the soft opening and a few days after, Mercado del Lago is now charging P50.00 for entrance. Unlike before na the entrance is free. But don't worry as the P50.00 is consumable. And I am so okay with this so as to prevent those who are "nakikiusyoso" lang from further populating the place. 

Floating Nipa Huts (Kubo)

So, finally, we are able to get our own kubo!

See, some of the foods have not yet arrived! :)


But then, after ten years (joke),  all of our food finally arrived! Yay!

Our meal from Sumo. Sorry, forgot the price already, but I think I paid P500.00 plus for these meals. :)
Haven't tried the famous Giant Butterfly Squid yet? Now is your chance to try this yummy craze as Above Sea Level is also available in Mercado del Lago!

The famous Giant Butterfly Squid from Above Sea Level.

What I really love about Mercado del Lago is the overall ambiance of the place. I really love the concept of "kubo" as somehow, it will also help the youth today to be familiarized with some of our culture - the bahay-kubo as a form of dwelling of the older generations. I really love how the place brings back the "nayon-feeling" in me! :)

Of course, to complete that "nayon-feeling", you can opt to use your hands in eating (magkamay). Again, there is no need to worry as each kubo has its own washing area complete with soap, tissues and sanitizer.


And finally, we were done eating! Halata ba?! hahahaha

Meet some of the girls of La Familia! They say a meal is best enjoyed when shared by a family and friends, so bring your family and friends to make the your dining experience more fun and meaningful!

Some of the gurls of La Familia!

Aren't the drinks about look so inviting?! During the soft opening, these are the only available drinks (alcoholic, oh well, sort of!), but upon checking on their Facebook page, there are now food merchants who are offering liquors - canned beers, I think.

And of course, the event wouldn't be complete without the presence of the highest official of our city, Mayor Lani Cayetano! And she was more than happy to take a selfie with almost anyone that she came across with! Thank you so much Mayor! :)

groupie with our pretty Mayor! :)
La Familia Foodies and D------- :)
And we finally called it a night! Ooops! May continuation pala sa compound! Chill lang daw pero inabot ng 5:00 A.M! hhahaha Iba talaga ang chill ng La Familia! ;)

 To know more about Meracado del Lago's latest happenings and offerings, do visit their Facebook page on this link!

Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

I Finally Got Skinny!

Yay, I finally got skinny!!!

Ooops! Before all of you raise your brows, or before anyone of you give those questioning looks, I am gonna make my statement clear this early on - am definitely not referring to my body (although, I really hope so!). Hahahhaa....

So what am I really talking about?! It is my new wallet from Big Skinny Philippines

After having a lot of thinking and considerations ( mainly, financial), I have finally decided to give in to my heart's desire! The fact that my newly unboxed wallet turned out to be peeling already due to long storage also helped me in coming up with this decision (parang ang bigat lang ng kailangang pagdesisyunan! lol). I GUESS this was also a sign for me to finally try the Big Skinny wallet (Yes, lusot!)

My current wallet.

Big Skinny Philippines

So, I head on to check out the available designs from Big Skinny Philippines website and to my surprise, they are on sale! What a really nice timing! :) 

After browsing through their site, I finally decided  on this product - the Executive Graphite Cobble (EGC). I really like its unique yet simple print. I love the color too! Go, check out for yourself! 

Executive Graphite Cobble

Executive Graphite Cobble

Checking out is very easy too as they also offer cash on delivery option, so there's no need to worry if you do not have any credit card or paypal account. Delivery is very fast too! Just two days after my I post my order, it was already delivered on our doorstep! Ambilis!

Big Skinny wallets are made of Nylon Microfiber which is 10X thinner and lighter compared to leather, thus, ensuring that you will no longer have to worry about having bulky wallets from now on. The extra wide, non-slipped coated pockets can hold 3 to 5 cards each enabling it to accommodate around 30-40 plastic cards. Dirt is not a problem too as this wallet is tough enough to be machine washed!

From its original price of P2,250.00, I got the EGC for only P1,750.00. That's P500.00 off! Definitely a great deal!

Here are the features of the Executive Graphite Cobble as indicated in their website:

- 2 general billfold areas
- 8 extra-wide credit card pockets
- 2 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pockets
- 1 sturdy little magnetic snap
- 1 exterior gusseted zippered coin pocket
- dimensions: 7 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall (19.3 cm x 9 cm)
- only 3/3" (7mm) thin when closed!

Inside of the wallet.

Big Skinny Wallet vs. My Old Wallet

So here it is, for our comparison! Totoo nga bes, slim na slim pa rin ang Big Skinny Wallet! I will definitely be skinny for life - in terms of wallet choices, that is! :)

Fully loaded Skinny Wallet vs. Empty Leather Wallet

Unboxing My Skinny Wallet on YouTube

You can also watch my video below to better appreciate the slimming effect of the Big Skinny wallet! Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018

KTOWN Korean Pop Up Fair at Fisher Mall


Good news for all the Korean fanatic out there! Mark your calendars now and be ready to conquer KTOWN Korean Pop Up Fair!  Happening on August 18-19, 2018, this event will be happening at the Fisher Mall Activity Center! 

No need to fangirl on your favorite oppas and idols from afar! Meet up with your fellow fangirls/boys and rave about the latest Korean music, dramas and trends. Get a chance to know more about the Korean Culture and experience them through food, make-up, games and more!

So, save the date and do not dare to miss out! See you there!

For more information, visit ktown.mnl on Facebook and @ktown_mnl on Instagram.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 08, 2018

Random Thoughts

May mga pagkakataon sa buhay natin na kahit anong pilit, kahit anong sikap ang gawin natin, sadya talagang hindi umaaayon sa ating plano. At sa mga pagkakataong ito, madalas ginugusto na nating sumuko. Ngunit pagsuko nga ba talaga ang kasagutan? Hindi kaya ang pagtanggap? Pagtanggap na hindi natin hawak, hindi lamang ang isip ng mga taong nasa paligid natin, kundi higit lalo ang plano ng Diyos sa atin.

Pagsubok. Ang bawat sakit at kabiguang ating nararanasan ay pawang mga pagsubok lamang na kapag ating nalampasan ay lalo lang magpapatibay sa atin bilang isang indibidwal. Ang masaklap nga lamang ay kapag hindi natin kinaya ang mga pagsubok na ito dahil maaari itong maging sanhi ng ating tuluyang pagkalugmok at pagkabigo. At dito pumapasok ang kahalagahan ng suporta at pagmamahal ng mga taong nasa paligid natin. Sila ang maaaaring maging sandigan natin sa panahon ng mga kalunos-lunos na pagkakataon. Ngunit muli, paano kung ang mga taong inaaasahan mong dadamay sayo ay siya rin mismong mang-Iowan sayo sa ere. Masakit. Pero iyan ang realidad ng buhay. Sa oras na hinayaan mo ang sarili mong magmahal, ang pagmamamahal ding ito ang nagbigay sa kanila ng kakayahan upang ikaw ay masaktan. Ang saklap, pero ito talaga ang katotohanan.

Sa mga ganitong eksena, tatanungin mo ang sarili mo, " Sa mga sakit at pagdurusang maaari mong maranasan kapag nagmahal ka, worth it pa ba?! Kapag nawala na ang kilig, may sense pa ba ang pagsasama? Kapag ang pagmamahal at tiwala ang nawala, ipaglalaban mo pa ba?!"

Ano man ang kasagutan, isang mahalagang bagay ang aking natutunan, ang pagmamahal sa sarili ay wag kaligtaan. Dahil sa panahong ang lahat ay ikaw ay iniwan, tanging sarili mo lang ay iyong magiging puhunan. Puhunan sa pagtawag sa Poong Maykapal, at sa Kanya, ikaw ay makakaasa na hinding-hindi ka susukuan at pababayaan!


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