Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

Monty Python’s Spamalot: Back By Popular Re-Quest ( A Press Night & More!)

Stage plays will always have a special place in my heart.

 I'll let you in on a little secret. Back in college, I was once a part of a theater guild myself. I was part of Artistang Artlets - the theater guild of UST's College of Arts & Letters! And although I didn't really acted much on the stage since I am almost always part of the production design (I am always behind the stage!), I will always have very high regard to stage actors since I have witness the hardship and the discipline that is expected of all the theater actors.

And with the popularity of different entertainment and social media platforms, stage plays have somehow lost the spotlight. I am just glad that there are still people in this industry who remained positive and continued to produce quality plays to encourage its target markets to try and experience the magic and the entertainment that theater plays provide its audience.

Upstart Productions, Inc. 

Upstart Productions, Inc. is one of the companies who remained steadfast in producing quality plays in our country. Composing of artists who are very much dedicated in coming up with original, creative and engaging material, Upstart Productions, Inc. once again brought back the world's most infamous comedy musicals - Monty Phyton's SPAMALOT to the Philippine stage!

Monty Phyton's Spamalot Press Night

Last Thursday, April 12, 2018, I was so happy to be invited to the Press Night of Monty Phyton's Spamalot. Held at the Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theater, BGC Arts Center, the event was graced by some celebrities,  representatives from different media platforms and some VIPs.

A scene from Monty Phyton's Spamalot

And true to ABS-CBN New's commentary last year, we were all once again treated to " a rollicking good time" as we all can't stop giggling and laughing all throughout the show! I really love how alive and energetic each character appeared on the stage. I never really imagined Ms. Carla Guevarra-Laforteza to be that fun and hilarious! After the show, I was really intrigued and excited on how the other female lead, Ms. Rachel Alejandro, will portray the very same character as the The Lady of the Lake as I am quite sure that she will somehow have a different attack on the character! Am really keeping my fingers crossed for me to once again have an opportunity to watch Spamalot, this time with Ms. Alejandro as the female lead.

Directed once again by the talented duo - Mr. Joel Trinidad and Nicky Triviño, Monty Phyton's Spamalot will have a ten-show run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from April 13 to 22, 2018 at the state-of-the-art Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theater at the BGC Arts Center.

The cast of Monty Phyton's Spamalot during the question and answer portion at the end of the performance.

Laughter is still the best medicine. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve a seat now and do not miss on this chance to give yourself the chance to relax, laugh and be healed!

Here is a short video of a scene of The Lady of the Lake:

To know more about the details of the musical, you may visit the website of Upstart Productions, Inc. For ticket reservations, you may check Ticketworld or you may contact the following numbers for the specific playing dates that you prefer:

                         Friday, April 20 (9:00 pm), Rachel Alejandro - 09178380319
                         Saturday, April 21 (3:00 pm), Devann Abayon - 09174385984
                         Saturday, April 21 (8:00 pm), Devann Abayon - 09174385984
                         Sunday, April 22 (3:00 pm), Shiela Valderrama - 09175311608
                         Sunday, April 22 (8:00 pm), Onyl Torres - 09209416695

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018

Sweetness Overload at The Dessert Museum!

Dessert Museum, here we come!
Honestly, I am not really fond of sweets. But the moment that I have learned about the opening of The Dessert Museum and saw the photos of its 8 mouthwatering rooms, I was already mesmerized! I know that this is definitely one experience that my family should not miss! I may not have a sweet tooth, but I am definitely addicted to capturing instagram-worthy photos! And so, I availed of their early bird discount. From the regular price of P799.00, it was down to P699.00.

But although I really wanted to immediately experience what the museum has to offer ( I initially considered reserving slots on its opening day which was last February 10), I opted to reserve a slot on Chinese New Year, to take advantage of the holiday and also for this activity to serve as our post-Valentine celebration too! That's hitting two birds in one stone! (Inexpect ko na din na walang plano for V-day ang asawa ko!Hahaha)

So, the day finally came and we were all excited!


Getting her pink tag!

#bahalagang let's volt in!!!

The Candy Rabbit

Before entering the museum, a guide, which they fondly refer to as a "candy rabbit", will welcome you and give some reminders .

The Donut Room

The first room that you will be sliding into is the Donut Room. Inside, there are hundreds of donuts hanging around. Be careful not to hit your heads with the donuts though as they are really hard!




How I wish these donuts are real!

My daughter Yna...

Go, slide, baby! Slide!
To enter the Donut Room, you have the option to slide down or to simply climb down the stairs, so pick your choice. :)

The Bahala Gang!

Sweetness Overload! DoNut Judge us, please! :)

The Marshmallow Room

The second room is the Marshmallow Room. And if you really love those soft, fluffy mallows, you will really enjoy this room! Mallows of different sizes await you in this room. The smell is really amazing too!




The big mallows can really make a good pillow!

Isn't she cute?!

And as the old saying goes that there is a gold pot at the end of the rainbow, before exiting the Marshmallow Room, we received our first treat - a big white marshmallow with your own choice of dip!


Chocolate Dip or Strawberry Dip? They are both good with the mallows anyway! :)

The Candy Room

Also referred to as the Candy Cane Grove, the Candy Room is the third room among the 8 Rooms that you will explore at The Dessert Museum.

Are you naughty or nice? Go ahead and pick the door that best describes you and enter to the colorful world of the candy room!

Team Blue vs. Team Pink

Pink Candy Canes for Renee!

Blue Candy Canes for Reena!

The Heart Corner is perfect for the love month!

Blowing my kisses for all of you! -Yna

Love is definitely in the air! :)

See-saw, swing, jumping rope - the Candy Room is definitely the sweetest playground on earth!

We see. We saw. We conquer!

Swing it babies! :)

Go jump and reach your dreams!

Colorful Candy Balls

And for our second treat - its pink and blue macaroons! Yummy!


The Ice Cream Room

We are now on our fourth room - The Ice Cream Room!

The Ice Cream Room is definitely another instagram-worthy room! The big balloon is definitely a great hit! But before posing for the camera, we first lined up for our third treat - ice cream sticks!


Fly me to the moon, will you?!
Up, up and away!

The Gumball Room

The fifth room is the Gumball Room or is it the Balloon Room? Because there are so many balloons inside this room. We were just not able to enjoy much inside the inflatable because the people who went before us took some time to finish that when it was already our turn, we no longer have much time left since we already need to transfer to the next room. :(




Giant Bubble

There is also a bubble machine running in one of the corners of this room, but during our visit, it is really not blowing much bubbles, napagod na ata. lol

The Gummy Bear Room

the-dessert-museum-gummybear 5

We are down on the sixth room - The Gummy Bear Room!

Gummy bear figures of different sizes can be found in this room.

the-dessert-museum-gummybear 2

Can we take home these giant gummy bears, Mom?!

Mini gummy bears in the background.


The Cotton Candy Forest


The seventh room is perfect for Pink lovers! The Cotton Candy Forest is perfect for me! Aside from the color, I also love how soft and fluffy the cloud-like cotton candies! How I wish I can replicate this in my own room! Hahahaha








And obviously, our treat from this room are cotton candies too! :)



The Cakepops Carnival is the last but definitely not the least among the museum's eight rooms. We really enjoyed sitting and posing on the cake pops. We had cake pops too for our fifth treat!





But what my husband and my kids really enjoyed in this room was playing the emoji basketball. Why emoji? Because the ball used for shooting are designed with different emoji faces. So cute, right?!


The duration of the tour inside The Dessert Museum is just two hours. And this, to my opinion is never really enough for you to capture those Instagram-worthy photos that you have set on your mind to accomplish. Every corner of the rooms are truly Instagram-worthy so it is just but natural for all the visitors to maximize the view and shoot as many photos but do not expect that you will be able to do all the shots that you have conceptualized as the allotted time is really not insufficient. The presence of other visitors will not be of great help too as they can most of the time serve as obstructions to the angle that you are intending to do. This is where Expectations vs. Reality will come into view.:)  I really hope that they will extend the time of the tour for everyone to have sufficient time to take their photos! Minimizing the maximum number of tourist will help too so as to prevent overcrowding since the area of each room is not really that spacious.

Another consideration that I would like to raise, is the amount of the entrance fee. Hopefully, the management can find a way to lower their entrance fee so that more people from different walks of life can have access to the museum as well!

But despite these concerns, the fact remains the same that a visit to The Dessert Museum is really a great adventure that you wouldn't wanna miss as it can really be enjoyed and appreciated by both adult and kids alike!

So, what are you waiting for? Book online now to avail of the online discount -only P699.00 instead of P799.00. There is also an ongoing promo for students where you can buy tickets for only P599.00, so go ahead and grab this chance now!

The Dessert Museum Souvenir Shop

Want to take home some souvenirs for your family and friends? Worry not as the The Dessert Museum has its own Souvenir Shop where you can buy cute novelty items.

The Dessert Museum is located in Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Want to know more about the museum? Check their website here.

The Bahala Gang goes to The Dessert Museum!
But wait, before finally going out, we were given our sixth and last treat! We got to take home these pink balloons with a chocolate inside! Thanks much The Dessert Museum for feeding not only our eyes, but our tummies as well! :) Hoping to get back again soon! Till next time!


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