Thursday, September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019

Pusong Bato

Akala ko natagpuan ko na,
Pag-ibig na inaasam-asam;
Akala ko na nakamit ko na,
Pagsintang walang agam-agam.

Ngunit bakit kung kailan panatag na,
Ay saka biglang nag-iba;
Ang noo'y masayang pagsasama,
Tila nahaluan ng pagdududa.

Puso ko'y nagdurugo,
Katawan ay nanlulumo;
Damdamin ay nabilanggo,
Bakit ako'y ipinagkanulo.

Hanggan kailan magtitiis?
Ito ang nais na mabatid;
Hanggang kailan tatangis?
Upang pasakit ay mapatid.

Panahon na para sumuko,
Sa puso kong pagod ay payo;
Sadyang may mga bagay sa mundo,
Na hindi nararapat sayo.

Paalam na mahal ko,
Ayoko ng magpakagago;
Sa taong di marunong magpakatotoo,
Pagkat puso nya'y tunay ngang sintigas ng bato!

Monday, June 24, 2019

June 24, 2019

Pholigo, the healthier way to go!

Everyone who knows me knew that I am a Foodie and am definitely not a picky eater. :) And my being adventurous in life surely extends to my eating habit! I am very much open minded to try and eat almost anything under the sun. Hahaha... We only live once anyway so I might as well make the most out of it, right?! Growing up, I used to be too skinny (yeah, you read it right!). I used to be just around 90 to 105 lbs.  And this fact sure did fired up my love for eating as I really wanted to gain even just a little more weight. Fast forward, I am now weighing more or less 140 lbs! Whoah! What happened to me?! 

Acknowledging the fact that my metabolism have really slowed down and that I am no longer getting any younger, for the past months now, I have been on the lookout of ways on how to improve my weight, my health and my lifestyle. The mushrooming Korean and buffet restaurants are likewise not being of help. The struggle of resisting the temptation is real! hahaha

Fortunately, God sent me an angel. And this angel, introduced me to the wonderful benefits that PhOligo has to offer.

pholigo 1
PhOligo, the healthier way to go!

But what really is PhOligo?

It is a globally known natural plant-derived prebiotic powder used as a nutrition fortifier. Aside from its innate good taste, its excellent versatility in application makes it the perfect addition to any any food or beverage. Personally, I love adding it to my coffee and tea, and even in my juices, and I swear, it doesn't alter the taste of any of these drinks. What I just don't like much is adding it to plain water as I can somehow taste the PhOligo in it. Have not tried adding it in any meals though. Next time, I will. 

pholigo 2
PhOligo in my coffee...

pholigo 3
PhOligo in my tea...

PhOligo creates the ideal digestive environment as it has been proven to nourish and support the growth as well as the activities of beneficial bacteria in the colon, thus improving general health and well being. It helps relieve constipation and reduce the production of toxins in the colon.

Regular bowel movement is really not a concern for me but since I started incorporating PhOligo in my diet, I noticed that my trip to the comfort room have increased. Instead of going to the bathroom only once every morning, there were days that I also sit on the throne during night time. Bumibilis na yata ulit metabolism ko! :) Another observation is that I do not have to struggle anymore. hahhaha Everything was flushed out in a flash! lol! But for me, the most significant effect of Pholigo on me is that my body feels lighter now. Ang gaan sa pakiramdam! Mukhang madami-dami na ring toxins ang nailabas ng katawan ko and it really feels good! I guess now there is the possibility for me to lose weight! Let's see! Haahahaha

But wait, there is more to PhOligo than just creating the ideal digestive environment. It also aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and this may also be the reason why I am feeling so good. Antoher benefit of this prebiotic powder is that it also develops and improves the immune system, which in turn also helps reduce risks for a wide variety of disorders.

Having enumerated all of the above wonderful effects, would I recommend PhOligo? I give it a Big Yes!

So, are you now interested to know more about PhOligo? Go and visit their website here.

Finally convinced to try this product? Click that BUY NOW button on their page and like me, start your journey to a healthier life now with PhOligo! A box of PhOligo containing 7 sachets only costs P280.00.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 04, 2019

Do You Fall into #MalnutritionTraps?

For more than 20 years now, Philippines has been facing the rise on the number of underweight and overweight Filipino. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined this phenomenon as the “Double Burden of Malnutrition” or the “prevalence of both under nutrition and overweight in the same community, nation, or region.”

To address this problem, the government launched the Pinggang Pinoy® campaign in 2014. But, what really is this campaign all about? Pinggang Pinoy® is an easy-to-understand food guide showing proper food group portioning on a per-meal basis which reflects the principles of MOderation, VAriety and BAlance (MOVABA) to promote healthier eating habits.

Acknowledging the fact that solving the Philippines’ Double Burden of Malnutrition is not an easy feat, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation recognizes the need for a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors. With this, Ajinomoto partnered with government agencies to conduct education programs to raise awareness and promote the practice of Pinggang Pinoy® in malnutrition hotspots, where incidences of Double Burden Malnutrition are high. Trainings were given to homemakers/mothers who have malnourished (underweight, stunting, wasting, overweight and obese) school-aged children.

The pilot run resulted to improvements of the knowledge & attitudes of households related to the practice of Pinggang Pinoy® within target areas. However, behavior changes towards healthier eating habits remains to be a challenge. The program uncovered a number #MalnutritionTraps that some Pinoy households easily fall into. The following #MalnutritionTraps provide a picture of how unhealthy eating habits may lead to Double Burden of Malnutrition:

 1. Overconsumption of carbohydrates: Voracious rice eaters can easily fill half of their plates with rice. Others have pandesal & noodles as regular meal deprived of other nutrients derived from a well-balanced meal.

 2. Under consumption of vegetables and/fruits: It is common for some to be content with rice & meat to satisfy their hunger and skip/take insufficient amount of vegetables/fruits. Fact is, the variety of colors found in Glow foods are important sources of vitamins & minerals to sustain our energy & keep us from getting sick.

3. Overconsumption of protein: Typical Filipino “SILOG” meals include double serving of proteins (e.g. Tapa+Itlog, Tocino+Itlog, Longanisa+Itlog, Bangus+Itlog). Eating different kinds of protein is fine for as long as they are taken in moderation. We must also avoid protein dishes served high in fat, cholesterol and sodium.

More stories about #MalnutritionTraps can be referenced from these documentary videos:

"Puro Carbs"

"Kulang sa Protina"
"Pamilya Unlirice"

"Breakfast Skipper"

To help Filipinos break free from #MalnutritionTraps, Ajinomoto’s Culinary Nutrition Team prepared Healthy & Delicious Pinggang Pinoy® Recipes, downloadable through Busy and budget-restricted homemakers will also find these Pinggang Pinoy® recipes useful because all are easy-to-do and affordable (P250/day for family of 5).

For updates about Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo!, visit and

The Ajinomoto Group is a global leader in amino acids thanks to its advanced bioscience and fine chemical technologies. Its products cover a range of fields such as seasonings, processed foods, beverages, amino acids, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Since discovering "umami" (the fifth basic taste, created by glutamic acid, a type of amino acid) in 1908, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids, and supporting the healthy lives of people all around the world. Based on our corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well” we aim for further growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness for people by creating value with communities and society. The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 35 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. Its sales were 1.1502 trillion yen (10.3 billion U.S. dollars) in fiscal year 2017. To learn more, visit

Thursday, January 3, 2019

January 03, 2019

Goodbye 2018! Welcome 2019!

I know its been a while since I last posted, and I really miss you all! And I really miss blogging ( I really do.).

The past months had been really hectic for me and I really don't know why. I used to be great in managing my time, I don't know what happened... I think it is time for me to finally admit now... I am aging! I am really getting old! Huhuhu... Can no longer stay up much late like I used to. And when I do, it usually takes me at least 3 days to fully charge my body again! Waaah!

Or maybe, I just need to take more vitamins?! Hahahahaha

Anyway, before I blame my age further, let me greet you my readers ( I really do hope that you are still out there, no matter how few you may be! Hahahaha) a very Happy New Year! Let us all be positive and let us all welcome 2019 with open arms! 2018 might have a lot of ups and downs, which I won't be enumerating anymore, but I am just glad that I was able to surpassed them all! I know you all do too! And that's all that matters! :)

And this year, unlike the past years, I won't be making any promises anymore. For 2019, I will just try to do whatever I can – in my own time and in my own pace! I will no longer let anyone or anything dictate my decisions and my pace, it is my life anyway! I am right, right?! ;)

Again, Happy New Year to all! Goodbye 2018! Welcome 2019! Let us all be merry and spread the good vibes on Earth and on the World Wide Web!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

December 09, 2018

Mega Prime Joins the Biggest Christmas Sale of the Year,the Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale (Get as much as 21% in discounts when you buy Mega Prime products from Shopee)

It's  only 15 days before Christmas momshies! 

And with the holidays upon us, so are the many parties, reunions, and get-togethers that we are to attend where everyone bonds over well-loved holiday dishes, posing a challenge to moms who want to make these Christmas gatherings joyful and memorable as much as possible.

To make Christmas celebrations extra special and to help moms whip up something truly festive this Christmas season, Mega Prime has launched its Tropical Fruit Cocktail, an indispensable addition to every holiday spread. This is definitely perfect for that fruit salad dish that we are all craving for! The different Flavored Nata de Coco will also be a great addition to this all-time favorite desert!

Other new Mega Prime products include the Mega Prime Choices sauces such as the oyster sauce, spicy oyster sauce, and sweet chili sauce made from high-quality Thai spices. With these sauces, no dishes can ever be wrong! Mommies can now confidently whip up those restaurant-worthy dishes! Yay!

The other existing and well-loved Mega Prime products are the canned Whole Mushrooms, Cream Style Corn, Green Peas, and Garbanzos. 

Done with your Christmas grocery yet? Mega Prime has good news to all of us! Christmas shopping just got easier as Mega Prime is partnering with the leading e-commerce platform Shopee for the biggest online Christmas sale of the year, the Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale - the Final Christmas Rush. Mega Prime will be rolling out amazing deals and discounts for Filipino shoppers this holiday season. From December 1 to 12, users can get up to 21% off on Mega Prime products!

Mega Prime has two Shopee voucher codes for shoppers for December 10: use to code “SPHXMEGAG” to get P100 off for a minimum purchase of P1,000 and even get free shipping with a minimum purchase of P99 worth of Mega Global products!

With the recent launch of the Tropical Fruit Cocktail, we want to continue bringing families together through meal time celebrations this holiday season by partnering with Shopee. Not only would it make our goods more convenient for consumers to buy, but also gave us an opportunity to introduce Mega Prime’s whole product line just in time for the Christmas season,” says Marvin Tiu Lim, VP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global Corporation.

The Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale is the final wave of the Shopee 11.11 - 12.12 Big Christmas Sale offering deals up to 99% off from leading local and international brands. Joining Mega Prime in the sale are other Mega Global brands such as Mega Sardines, Mega Tuna, and Mega Creations.

The Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale will also feature daily free shipping promotions, flash sales as low as ₱12, and over 12 million Shopee coins to be given away from the iconic Shopee Shake game.

For more information on Mega Prime products on the Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, visit

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play. Happy Shopee-ing! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

November 29, 2018

Mommy Bloggers Philippines will Celebrate the Holidays in Style at ICON Hotel Timog

It's exactly 25 days to go before Christmas Day! Christmas is definitely just around the corner! And this is very evident with the numerous Christmas parties happening around us. And as both a blogger and  a mom, there is really one Christmas party that I really look forward to every year - the Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Christmas Party! 

On it’s 5th year, Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP) will be celebrating its annual Christmas party at ICON Hotel Timog. In what seems like a pre-destined event, MBP will be at the movies for this year’s theme and there is no better venue to hold this themed party than at ICON Hotel Timog. With a hotel that highlights various icons from around the world, the chosen icon influences and the hotel’s elegant, yet affordability factor makes it most ideal for a celebration of holiday glamour. 

Managed by experienced hoteliers, the hotel is a haven for many as it accommodates those traveling for business or pleasure in the perfectly situated area of the Quezon City district.

The carefully chosen icons grace the rooms and suites giving you your pick of who you’d like to stay with. Yes, that’s right. Imagine lounging with Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali or practicing spells with Harry Potter. The calm surroundings in the Leonardo Da Vinci room will help you have a relaxing stay or if you’re looking for some fun you can stay with Michael Jackson, Madonna and even Charlie Chaplin. There are really many iconic rooms to choose from! 

ICON Hotel Timog’s function rooms are often fully booked holding entertainment press cons, conventions and celebrations from debuts to weddings and more. This hotel also has an all-day dining restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

But, of course, ICON Hotel really want to be a part of your life's greatest milestones as it also offers corporate and social packages that can cater to all your needs and desires! ICON Hotel has its team of experts to back you up!

And for that once in a lifetime moment that every girl is dreaming of, ICON Hotel also has available Wedding Packages that will surely make that special day magical and  memorable!

And to celebrate the holidays, ICON Hotel Timog is now offering Christmas Party Packages which are perfect for your next holiday gathering. Their buffet restaurant has some Yuletide offerings specially prepared for the coming season. Can't wait to finally try their dishes!

ICON Hotel really got our every occasion covered! So get your outfits ready mommies and let us all enjoy our day(off) while reminiscing the significant roles that each of the icons portrayed in their respective fields that have somehow made a mark in our lives! Now, I am really excited for this day to come!

Icon Hotel Timog Avenue is located at 60 Timog Avenue Tomas cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 353 -6000 (landline) and  (+63) 921-795-2170 (mobile).  You may also email them at or visit them at their social pages, as follows:

But wait, to make the #MBPChristmasParty2018 celebration more fun and exciting, there are lots of partner brands who will be joining us on this special event - Pampers, Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons, First Tier Brands, Lilys Peanut Butter, NGP, Lemon Square, Welchs Sparkling Juice, Crystal Derm, Cheez Whiz, Kids Company, V&M Naturals, Gardenia, Goya, CAT PR, Tim Hortons, SkinWhite, McDonalds, Daiso, NisceMediSpa, Lorem Ipsum, myfinanceplanner by Tipid Mommy and Robinsons Supermarket gave their support, giving us giveaways and prizes. Yay!


Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons

First Tier Brands

Robinsons Supermarket
#WeLoveWellness #WellnessJourney

NEO Photography

Lilys Peanut Butter


Lemon Square
Welchs Sparkling Juice

Crystal Derm

Cheez Whiz

Kids Company

V&M Naturals




Tim Hortons




NisceSkin MediSpa

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