Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mercado del Lago, The Newest Food Destination in Taguig City!

Mercado del Lago at night!

Good news to all foodie out there! Special mention, of course, to those residing in Taguig City and its nearby cities as this new food hub is definitely more accessible to them! 

Located in C6, Lower Bicutan Taguig (just beside the Lakeshore Hall), Mercado del Lago opened last May 22, 2018. Launched as the newest food destination in the city, it also boasts of being the first and only floating restaurant in Taguig City! Yay!


And knowing the foodie that I am, papahuli ba ako?! Definitely not! hahhaha So, together with my hubby and other relatives, we braved the huge crowd of the venue's soft opening!

Super crowded bes! Dami talagang foodie sa Taguig! :)


What made the night more lively (and it might also be the reason for the huge crowd) was the presence of live performers, led by Up Dharma Down. Other live bands who performed that night were Sud, Groove Manila and many others!

Upon entering the venue, the different food establishments will welcome you. There are really many food options to choose from, especially today because during the soft opening, there are still many stalls which were not yet open.

Our family's version of  The Hunks!:)

Separated from the main hall (super big kubo), are the smaller nipa huts where you can eat your meals with a more comfortable dining experience. These nipa huts are best for families and barkadas. Because although you can also eat at the main hall as there are also tables and chairs available, it is still undeniably more comfortable dining inside the floating nipa huts because you also get a chance to appreciate the view of the Laguna lake.

with my foodie buddy...

  The nipa huts are a little limited, though so they observe the "First Come, First Serve" rule. So, during the soft opening, we still have to wait for more or less an hour to be accommodated. And this goes with the food too! Nauna pa kaming makakuha ng kubo kesa sa pagdating ng pagkain! Sa sobra kasing dami ng tao, di makasabay ang mga kainan. Good luck talaga. hahahaha

But, maybe this is no longer the case now as unlike during the soft opening and a few days after, Mercado del Lago is now charging P50.00 for entrance. Unlike before na the entrance is free. But don't worry as the P50.00 is consumable. And I am so okay with this so as to prevent those who are "nakikiusyoso" lang from further populating the place. 

Floating Nipa Huts (Kubo)

So, finally, we are able to get our own kubo!

See, some of the foods have not yet arrived! :)


But then, after ten years (joke),  all of our food finally arrived! Yay!

Our meal from Sumo. Sorry, forgot the price already, but I think I paid P500.00 plus for these meals. :)
Haven't tried the famous Giant Butterfly Squid yet? Now is your chance to try this yummy craze as Above Sea Level is also available in Mercado del Lago!

The famous Giant Butterfly Squid from Above Sea Level.

What I really love about Mercado del Lago is the overall ambiance of the place. I really love the concept of "kubo" as somehow, it will also help the youth today to be familiarized with some of our culture - the bahay-kubo as a form of dwelling of the older generations. I really love how the place brings back the "nayon-feeling" in me! :)

Of course, to complete that "nayon-feeling", you can opt to use your hands in eating (magkamay). Again, there is no need to worry as each kubo has its own washing area complete with soap, tissues and sanitizer.


And finally, we were done eating! Halata ba?! hahahaha

Meet some of the girls of La Familia! They say a meal is best enjoyed when shared by a family and friends, so bring your family and friends to make the your dining experience more fun and meaningful!

Some of the gurls of La Familia!

Aren't the drinks about look so inviting?! During the soft opening, these are the only available drinks (alcoholic, oh well, sort of!), but upon checking on their Facebook page, there are now food merchants who are offering liquors - canned beers, I think.

And of course, the event wouldn't be complete without the presence of the highest official of our city, Mayor Lani Cayetano! And she was more than happy to take a selfie with almost anyone that she came across with! Thank you so much Mayor! :)

groupie with our pretty Mayor! :)
La Familia Foodies and D------- :)
And we finally called it a night! Ooops! May continuation pala sa compound! Chill lang daw pero inabot ng 5:00 A.M! hhahaha Iba talaga ang chill ng La Familia! ;)

 To know more about Meracado del Lago's latest happenings and offerings, do visit their Facebook page on this link!


  1. is it ok to bring small type of dog there?

  2. Hi! Though am not 100%sure, but I think bringing of pets are allowed naman, especially a small one. :)

    Sorry for the late response. :)

  3. That giant squid looks enticing!
    I have not heard of this new place in Taguig, will check it one of these days

  4. Wow, floating restaurant in Taguig, I will take note of this pag nagawi kami. Mukhang okay nga sa nipa hut.

  5. The restaurant reminds me of Isdaan here in Bay, Laguna. :)

  6. Wow! This is such a cool food destination huh? It's different from the usual food parks.

  7. MAdame na talaga naglitawan na food hub sa Taguig. Sa BGC alone lang hile-hilera na sila. Like ko ung interior ha, pinoy na pinoy.



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