Friday, June 15, 2018

I Finally Got Skinny!

Yay, I finally got skinny!!!

Ooops! Before all of you raise your brows, or before anyone of you give those questioning looks, I am gonna make my statement clear this early on - am definitely not referring to my body (although, I really hope so!). Hahahhaa....

So what am I really talking about?! It is my new wallet from Big Skinny Philippines

After having a lot of thinking and considerations ( mainly, financial), I have finally decided to give in to my heart's desire! The fact that my newly unboxed wallet turned out to be peeling already due to long storage also helped me in coming up with this decision (parang ang bigat lang ng kailangang pagdesisyunan! lol). I GUESS this was also a sign for me to finally try the Big Skinny wallet (Yes, lusot!)

My current wallet.

Big Skinny Philippines

So, I head on to check out the available designs from Big Skinny Philippines website and to my surprise, they are on sale! What a really nice timing! :) 

After browsing through their site, I finally decided  on this product - the Executive Graphite Cobble (EGC). I really like its unique yet simple print. I love the color too! Go, check out for yourself! 

Executive Graphite Cobble

Executive Graphite Cobble

Checking out is very easy too as they also offer cash on delivery option, so there's no need to worry if you do not have any credit card or paypal account. Delivery is very fast too! Just two days after my I post my order, it was already delivered on our doorstep! Ambilis!

Big Skinny wallets are made of Nylon Microfiber which is 10X thinner and lighter compared to leather, thus, ensuring that you will no longer have to worry about having bulky wallets from now on. The extra wide, non-slipped coated pockets can hold 3 to 5 cards each enabling it to accommodate around 30-40 plastic cards. Dirt is not a problem too as this wallet is tough enough to be machine washed!

From its original price of P2,250.00, I got the EGC for only P1,750.00. That's P500.00 off! Definitely a great deal!

Here are the features of the Executive Graphite Cobble as indicated in their website:

- 2 general billfold areas
- 8 extra-wide credit card pockets
- 2 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pockets
- 1 sturdy little magnetic snap
- 1 exterior gusseted zippered coin pocket
- dimensions: 7 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall (19.3 cm x 9 cm)
- only 3/3" (7mm) thin when closed!

Inside of the wallet.

Big Skinny Wallet vs. My Old Wallet

So here it is, for our comparison! Totoo nga bes, slim na slim pa rin ang Big Skinny Wallet! I will definitely be skinny for life - in terms of wallet choices, that is! :)

Fully loaded Skinny Wallet vs. Empty Leather Wallet

Unboxing My Skinny Wallet on YouTube

You can also watch my video below to better appreciate the slimming effect of the Big Skinny wallet! Enjoy! :)


  1. I've been seeing this a lot on my feed lately. Nakakatempt!! hehe! :)

  2. Correct sis! But am really glad na bumigay ako sa temptation! Hahaha

  3. Hello. Meron pa kayang ganyan sa website nila?



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