Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy New Year!!!

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Pahabol mga besh! Happy New Year to all of you!!!

2018 na mga bes! Another year na naman for all of us! 

It is this time of the year na naman when almost everyone is preparing and/or declaring their New Year's Resolutions, just like me! hehehehe... 

But before I go on further with my resolutions this year, let me first share my gratitude to the year that has just recently bid goodbye, the year 2017. You may now be a history, but all the blessings, experiences and memories that you made possible will now all be part of who I am today and of my future that has yet to come! Deep! Char! :) 

Kidding aside, I am really very thankful because once again, I survived another year! Thank you Lord for always giving me the strength! And to all the people that helped me throughout this year (kilala nyo na mga sarili nyo, di ko na iisa-isahin!), thank you all so much!

But of course, I also give enormous credit to my forever partner in life, my husband! Thank you so much bi for standing by beside me! Our relationship may not be that picture-perfect, but I know that we are strong and united enough to overcome all the trials that will still come our way. I love you! (Cheesy na ba?!) :) Thank you to my two angels for always bringing out the best and worst in me! hahahaha! I love you both so much! :)

So now, let's go to my resolutions...

I know, madami pa rin ako kapalkan last year! hahaha Despite my efforts to really do my best and act my best, madami pa rin akong sablay. So for this year 2018, I would really make extra efforts to avoid those sablay moments! Good luck sa akin! :) Ano-ano ba yung mga sablay moments na tinutukoy ko? Well, balato nyo na sa akin yung mga yun! :)

Another resolution... Will really try my best to be more active on blogging! Haist! I really love to post as regularly as possible, pero hindi kinakaya ng katawang lupa ko mga bes! huhuhu Lalo pang nakadagdag sa stress ang "continuous trial" namin sa work kaya naman pagdating sa bahay, konting kilos lang, borlog na ang lola nyo! kaloka! Sign of aging na rin yata to! Di ko rin kasi kayang magpuyat mga bes! wah! But for this year, pipilitin ko talagang maglaan ng oras to update my site! That's a promise! :)

Mas magpapakabait na po ako! This is another of my New Year's resolution! hahaha 

Minsan naman kasi, kahit gustuhin kong magpakabait, parang ang hirap! hahaha Lalo't nasa katwiran ka, parang ang hirap lang mag- give way pa din! haist! But to avoid more negativity in my life, I will really, really try my best to be more understanding, to be more forgiving! Please guide me, Lord! :)

Last but not the least, I will try to spend more quality time with my family! We lost another member of the family last year. He might not be that very immediate family member,  but we really consider him dear and his death really shocked us. Biglaan kasi ang pagkawala nya. Life is really filled with uncertainties. What we have now may no longer be around tomorrow. So, I really want to make the best of what I have right now - that is my family and friends! So for this year, I will really make it a point to spend more time with them! Will be planning more travel escapades! Hahahaha Gusto lang palang gumala! lol! But hey, wala namang masama. Mas masarap naman talagang mag-explore kasama ang family and friends, di ba?! I know you all agree naman to this, right?! :) So, hello Philippines and hello World! Yay!

So, that's all folks! Ayoko nang dagdagan pa at baka lalo lang akong mahirapan sa pagtudpad ng mga resolusyong ito! ahhaha 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my very first post for the year 2018! Please do keep coming back as I really promise to update my blog regularly from now on! :)

Again, goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018! 

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