Monday, November 6, 2017

Uni-Pak Mackerel Pasta Recipe & a Giveaway!


Pasta-lover. Well, you can call my hubby that. It doesn't really matter much what sauce you topped his pasta with, he will still definitely prefer that compared to any rice meals! 

And so, because I love him so much and because I wanted to serve him and my kids a healthy meal, a brilliant idea came into my mind! Ting! Now, I know what to do with my Uni-Pak Mackerel (though, kung ako lang, mainit na kanin lang ang katapat nito! hahahaha). Instead of making use of our usual recipe - tuna, I used mackerel for my pasta dish. And I am just so glad that I tried this recipe because my daughters, especially my husband loved it!

Kaya mga momshies, try niyo din ang recipe na'to! This is definitely one proof that one shouldn't be settled with the things that we are already used to. Try to experiment from time to time and you will realize that "hindi basta nakasanayan, the best na yan!" We should always remain on the lookout on how can we better serve our love ones! And mga momshies, do remember too, that "basta Mackerel, dapat tatak UniPak!" para wala kang pagsisisihan!

Below is the simple recipe of my Mackerel Pasta, go ahead and try it  momshies! :)

 Mackerel Pasta Recipe



1 can Uni-Pak  Mackerel in Natural Oil
250 grams fettucine
3 tbsp olive oil
5 cloves garlic, diced
2 onions, diced
1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
1 small bell pepper, diced
salt (and/or patis) & pepper


1. In a pot, cook the pasta according to package instruction. Reserve
2. Empty the pot then add oil and saute onion, garlic, bell pepper over  medium heat, stirring constantly until the garlic and onion turns brown.
3. Add the mackerel. Crushed the meat into pieces. Do not add the oil yet.
4. Add salt and pepper.
5. Put the pasta. 
6. Add the oil (of the mackerel). Toss the pasta lightly until the sauce thickens.
7. If the pasta seems to be dry, you can always add olive oil.
8. Add the parsley and toss to combine all ingredients.
9. Put in a platter and serve.

Very easy, right?! And as a bonus, I will also be hosting a very easy giveaway and I really hope that you will all join! :)


Alright momshies! Now it's your turn to come up with ideas! Ready na ba kayo? Just follow the simple steps below to get  a chance to win this gift pack from our friends in Slord Development Corporation!

Win these! :)

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This giveaway will run until November 30, 2017. Winner will be announced on December 9, 2017. Uni-Pak will deliver the gift pack to the lucky  winner! Goodluck!

Reminder lang momshies ha, you have to do steps 1 to 3 in order to get one entry to the giveaway. You get to earn an additional entry by doing the Step 5, but do make sure that you finish steps 1 to 4 first. Klaro ba momshies? If not, do shoot me your questions! :)


  1. Question: What button will I click to follow your blog? Thank you.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the interest in joining my simple giveaway! There's seem to be a little issue with my Google follow link, so I will have to edit my instructions. No need to follow my blog to get an entry! :) just follow the rest of the instructions and you're good to go! Goodluck! :)

  3. .. masarap din po ung sardines patty gamit ang uni pak mackerels..
    . harina
    . egg
    . unipak mackerels sardines
    . breadcrumbs (optional)
    natry ko na oo siya at nagustuhan ng daughter ko.. ��
    definately itatry ko din po ting recipe niyo. thankyou po.
    , Roselyn P. Dela Fuente
    , 427-3027
    , account usernames that you used in liking/following. ( fb: ashley de guzman)
    thankyou hope to win po.



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