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Our Series of Bicol Funventure - A Glimpse of Sumlang Lake (Day 1, Part 3)

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake8

After the very tiring, yet fulfilling climb at the Quitinday Hills, our group had our lunch at Rayben's Place Resto Bar & Grill where we had our first taste of their famous pinangat, which is popularly known in Manila as laingPinangat is a Filipino dish which combines taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk. If you are into spicy foods, you should definitely try this!

bicol special pinangat
Bicol's Pinangat (photo credit to the owner)
After having our lunch, we immediately proceeded to our third destination - the Sumlang Lake

Sumlang Lake is located in Brgy. Sumlang Napa Gayon in Camalig, Albay. This tourist destination is rapidly becoming a famous tourist destination as it also offers a very great view of the Mayon Volcano, although the lake itself is also a beauty on its own.

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake1

The route going to Sumlang Lake is only a one-way road that is why the local government provides manpower to guide the tourists in going to the lake. They use two-way radio as a means of communication.

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake2

Upon arrival at the place, one needs to register. I just can't remember if there was a fee (sorry), but just in case, I am sure that was just minimal, P10 to P20 perhaps. :) 

So, what activities can you do in Sumlang Lake? Of course, aside from admiring the yet another side of the beauty of the magnificent Mayon Volcano, you can also go boating or kayaking while appreciating the tranquil atmosphere that the waters of the Sumlang Lake gives. But this of course, doesn't come for free! :)

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake3
The Triplejoys at Sumlang Lake

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake5

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake6
bamboo raft

And here is another view of the Mayon Volcano. Unfortunately, the clouds are covering the volcano during our visit, so we are not able to view the whole image of the volcano at that time.

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake4

So that ends our short glimpse of the Mayon Volcano and the Sumlang Lake! I really hope to come back again someday and hopefully I can go there earlier in the morning as the intense heat of sunlight somehow hindered us from fully appreciating the beauty of the place!

bicol-tour-adventure-summer-2016-sumlang lake7
The Bahala Gang!

Hope you are enjoying our trips so far. Do check out all our trips and adventures.  But if you want to know more of the places that we visited for our Bicol Funventure, you can visit these links:

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