Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lunch at Lady Christine's Baby Back Ribs

Another friend of mine passed the 2016 Bar Examination, yay! And in celebration, last Tuesday, June 6, 2017, we decided to meet at SM Manila for lunch. As we have not yet decided the place where we are going to eat, we just kept on walking  around the mall until we finally saw Lady Christine's Baby Back Ribs. And since this is just new, we decided to try it out. 

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila1

I really love the color and the atmosphere of the place. It has that classic, laid back and elegant feel feel to it.

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-3

Time to order!

As Lady Christine's pride itself of serving the best-tasting baby back ribs with its unique sauce, we definitely did not pass the chance to taste and experience this dish. And as we are five in the group, we just decided to try one of their good for sharing dishes, we ordered for their Family Section 1.

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-menu 2

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila2

Family Section 1

This group meal includes half slabs of baby back ribs and beef ribs, rice platter, side dishes, desserts and two pitcher of drinks. This package, which according to them is good for 5 to 7 persons, costs P 1,859.00.

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-yummy
Baby Back Ribs
lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-beef slab
Beef Ribs
lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-side dish-corn-mash potato
Side dishes
lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-four seasons-pineapple
Four Seasons and Pineapple pitchers

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-apple pie-ice cream
Apple Pie Ala Mode
lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-turones-dessert
Turones de Quezon ala mode

The Verdict? 

Well, both the Baby Back Ribs and the Beef Ribs are really yummy, though all of us find the Beef Ribs more tastier and more tender. The portions were just enough for the five of us, so I really don't think it will be enough for a group of 7, as the restaurant staff have claimed, especially when the majority will be boys. 

The side dishes and the desserts are also good, especially the apple pie ala mode. What we were just not happy about was the quantity. Two side dishes and two desserts ( 1 apple pie and 1 turones de Quezon) for the five of us?! Initially, we thought that we would be served, at least one dessert each. Hehehehe.... Well, we ended up not consuming the desserts at all since we do not know how to divide them among ourselves! hahahaha.

As for the drinks, nothing really special. Aside from four seasons and pineapple, there are still other options that you can choose from - iced tea and cucumber are among the other choices.

So, will I be back again to this place? Well, I might, because that same day, my officemates also dined at Lady Christine's and they find the food okay. Maybe, I will try the other food on their menu next time. 

Oh, about the serving time, do not order their group meals if you are already hungry or in a hurry because it took them around 20 t0 30 minutes to serve our food. But if you are going to order for their solo meals, it will be served immediately. :)

Overall, we really enjoyed our dining experience at Lady Christine's. As what the saying goes, Food is all the sweeter (and tastier) when shared with Good Friends! We all sure had a great chat! Till next time and thank you again for the treat Atty. Ronie Orajay! :)

lady christine-baby back ribs-restaurant-sm-manila-friends
Old and new friends (from left to right), Mhelai, Jazze, Michelle, Me and Ronie

Lady Christine's Baby Back Ribs is located at the 4th Floor of SM City Manila, where Bagnetified was previously located. Go ahead and check them out too! :)

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