Friday, April 28, 2017

Our 100 Isla (Hundred Islands) Adventure

OMG! Summer is here again and still, I am not done sharing our adventures last summer! Am I really that busy?! Well, I guess so. hahhaha!

Anyway, I really do believe in the cliche, "Better late than never", so I will be continuing to share our experiences in visiting the beautiful Hundred Islands now! :)


Hundred Islands National Park (yes, it's a National Park, as declared by then President Manuel Quezon in his Presidential Proclamation 667) is composed of 124 islands when low tide, and only 123 islands during high tide ( o di ba, parang Miss Universe lang ang peg?! ), scattered in the Lingayen Gulf covering an area of 16.76 square kilometers. The Lucap Wharf, which serves as the entrance to the National Park is located in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

hundred islands pangasinan3

Actually, it was not my first time to visit Hundred Islands. I've already visited it when I was still young. I even remember going up the lighthouse together with a childhood friend. I really had fond memories of the place as a child, that is why I've been wanting to go back there ever since I got a family of my own. I also want my children to see and experience the wonder that Pangasinan has to offer, which up to now is considered as one of the wonders of our country! Visiting it is really a must, especially for us Filipinos! It is really something that we should all be proud of! :)

hundred islands pangasinan2
The Alaminos Lighthouse
And at last, last May 7 to 8, 2016, I was able to come back again to Hundred Islands, this time with my dearest family! Actually, it was not just the four of us, we went there together with the officemates of my husband, which made the journey a lot more fun! :)

We used a private vehicle in going to Alaminos, Pangasinan so I really don't know how to go to Hundred Islands via public transportation (sorry). And once we got to Lucap Wharf, we already boarded a boat that will take us to one of the islands.

hundred islands pangasinan1
groupie during our boat ride going to Quezon Island! :)


As a tourist destination, the Hundred Islands National Park is ideal for swimming, diving and snorkelling. But among the hundred islands, there are only three islands that are developed for tourism - Governor Island, Children's Island & Quezon Island. The rest of the islands are not yet commercialized and some are still untouched, although some of the islands, such as the Marcos Island is also sometimes being visited by the tourists.

Quezon Island

Named after the former President Manuel L. Quezon, Quezon Island is the first National Park in the Philippines, as declared by the former president himself on January 18, 1940. The island is actually composed of 3 islets interconnected to each other. 

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 13
Quezon Island

Welcome to Alaminos City! Welcome to Quezon Island!

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 9
The Triple Joys!
hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 10
Yours truly at the statue of President Manuel L. Quezon

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 14
My daughter Renee Joy, enjoying the view of Quezon Island.
hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 8

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 3
Enjoying the beautiful sunset...
Among the three major islands, Quezon Island is the most developed island which makes it the ideal choice for visitors who wanted to stay in the island overnight. And it is also for this reason that we decided to stay in this island for the night. Although there were no available room accommodations yet in the island during our stay (well, that was based from what I know), there are open sheds/cottages with tables and chairs which can be rented. There were also tents that are available for rent, as well as open spaces wherein you can put up camping tents.

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 4
Quezon Island at night
hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 5
The tents wherein we spent the night...
hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 6
More camping tents at the other side of the island...
Look at that beautiful sunrise! :)
Aside from swimming, which my kids truly love, there are many other things that you can do in the island. There are kayaks, banana boat and speed boats that you can rent and enjoy. Don't worry about safety because there are really personnels in the are that really ensure everyone's safety!

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 11
My mini MEs truly enjoyed playing with the beautiful sand of the island!

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 1
Hubby with his officemates...

hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 2
We are ready for our next adventure! :)

And Banana Boat it is! So excited as it was my daughter's first time to ride the Banana Boat!
hundred-islands-pangasinan-quezon-island 7
As for these two kiddos, as they are still not of age, they are only allowed to ride the speed boat that was used to pull the banana boat! Exciting still, right?! :)

We really enjoyed our stay in Quezon Island. But for those staying overnight, be reminded that they do not have fresh water/ drinking water in the island, so bring as much water with you in the island. And for shower purposes, they only have salt water. :)

Also, bring enough foods in the island because although there are stores available in the island, the prices are really high! So if you really dont want to hurt your pocket that much, bring your own baon! ;)

Children's Island

hundred-islands-pangasinan-childrens-island 1
Children's Island

The following morning, we went island hopping as planned. The next island that we visited was the Children's Island. The beach in this island is calm, which makes it perfect for swimming, especially for children. I guess this is the reason why the island was name as such. :)

hundred-islands-pangasinan-childrens-island 3
The Bahala Gang at the Children's Island!
There are also stores and comfort rooms in the island. Souvenir items are also available.

hundred-islands-pangasinan-childrens-island 4
Look at these beautiful shell souvenirs! 
hundred-islands-pangasinan-childrens-island 2

Governor's Island

Our next and last stop was the Governor's Island.

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 1
The entrance to the Governor's Island
hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 4


I think, if you want to have a more comfortable stay at the island, this is where you should opt to stay as there are available rooms here, complete with all the amenities and comfort of a home. I just don't know why the officemates of my husband didn't considered staying here. Oh, well...

Upon entering the island, there are stairs which will lead you to the Peak of the Governor's Island.

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 2
Off the stairs we go! :)

It was a long and tiring climb, but once you reach the Peak, you'll know that it was all worth it! The view is really breath-taking at the Peak! Ang saya lang sa pakiramdam!

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 8

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 7

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 5

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 6
Panoramic view of the island..
Governor's Island is also known for as the place where one of the most famous show in the Philippines was shoot, the Pinoy Big Brother(PBB)! I know I was able to get a photo of the PBB house, but can't seem to find it. hahaha

Anyway, this is a view taken from the outside of the PBB House.

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 11

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 10

There is a floating bridge going to another island (sorry, but I forgot the name). We were not able to cross the bridge though because my daughters were already tired and all they wanted was to swim! :)

See that kiddo on our back? haha She doesn't to have a photo anymore. All she wanted to do was swim! :)
Reena Joy is really having a great time swimming! She's truly a water baby! :)
Another interesting view in the island is the cave. If momentarily you want to escape the extreme heat of the sun, this is surely the best hiding place! :)

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 9

There are also stores in the island, if you want to have some snacks and refreshments.

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 3

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 14
Perfect quenching moment! ;)
hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 15
Halo-halo, you like?! They also serve halo-halo in the island! Yum!

Here is one last look of the amazingly beautiful island of Governor's Island! And I would surely keep on coming back again and again! :)

hundred-islands-pangasinan-governors-island 12

Forgot to buy some souvenirs? Fret not as there are more available souvenir shops near the Lucap Wharf!

hundred islands pangasinan4

So there it is, our 100 Isla Adventure! I hope you really had fun reading our adventure and viewing our photos! I really hope that I had made you realize that Hundred Islands is truly a beauty that our country, the Philippines should really be proud of! 

Till our next adventure! :)


  1. hundred islands is in my bucket list but I'm not sure when I'm going to crossed it but your experienced is so tempting :D anyways how much did you spent all for that trips ^^

  2. Hi! yes, I am really trying my best to explore our country with my whole family! for the whole trip, I think, we spent less than 7,000! :) The transportation was shouldered by my husband's company, though. :)

    Thanks again for visiting my blog! :)Keep coming back as there are still more of our family trips that I will be sharing. Hopefully, soon! :)

  3. Hi! yes, I am really trying my best to explore our country with my whole family! for the whole trip, I think, we spent less than 7,000! :) The transportation was shouldered by my husband's company, though. :)

    Thanks again for visiting my blog! :)Keep coming back as there are still more of our family trips that I will be sharing. Hopefully, soon! :)

  4. I really miss going to the beach / going on nature trips! Haven't gone to somewhere nice since I got pregnant again. I haven't been to Hundred Islands so this will be a great reference thanks!

    1. congrats sis on your new angel! and you're welcome! :)

  5. This is so nice! I've always wanted to go to Hundred Islands with my family. Commuters here! I didn't know they have a PBB house there. I feel so tita sometimes. Haha! Halo-halo in the outskirts of Manila is always so refreshing.

    1. you should go visit the place with your family! am sure you will all enjoy! and yes, I love halo-halo, any time and anywhere! lol

  6. I am from Pangasinan but never been to Hundred Islands, planning to go there pag medyo malaki na yong toddler ko. And oh, I didn't know they allow camping in the island. COOL!

    1. ang lapit mo na sis! you should definitely go there with your family! :)

  7. Ganda! I've never been to Pangasinan despite having passed by it several times na. I've always wanted to visit Hundred Islands though!

    1. ganda talaga sis! hope you can finally visit it soon! :)

  8. For someone who went to Pangasinan on a yearly basis while growing up, we never got to visit Alaminos. My late Dad's late father (bless their souls) used to live in Pangasinan so we go there every summer to visit. Though I think ALaminos will take another hour of travel from where we used to go. Hope to visit 100 Islands sometime next year though.

    1. you should definitely include in your itinerary on your next visit to Pangasinan! am sure, your family will love it there! :)

  9. I've visited hundred islands when I was still single. I wish to go back with my family soon. Your photos look enticing enough to schedule a trip I hope very soon!

    1. am really glad my photos were able to convince you to come visit the place again! :)

  10. Here's what I miss in working corporate, yung mga free trips with the family and officemates! Ang saya, may mga camping tents pa.

  11. I really want to go here :) hope we can visit next year

  12. The place looks great. We are planning to visit this place this coming December. Its good that read your post

    1. Thank you so much! :)Hope you enjoy your trip as well! :)



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