Friday, November 4, 2016

Summer 2016: The Best Summer Ever!

Aside from the Holiday Season, summer vacation is another season that our family really look forward to, especially the children! Why? Because SUMMER= BEACH= SWIMMING= FUN = MEMORIES! And we really love creating memories as a FAMILY! :)

And summer 2016 proved to be one of the best summer of our lives! Why again?! Because it is only this year that we were really able to maximize our vacation to the fullest! We had a weekly marathon adventure! It was really a lot of fun!

La Vista at Pansol, Laguna

For our first destination, we went to La Vista at Pansol Laguna together with my side of the family. It likewise served as our advance celebration for my niece and nephew who graduated from their respective level of classes.

We had an overnight stay at the resort. And since the summer season was just starting then, we were really able to enjoy the resort as there were not much visitors yet during that time. Well, on our side of the resort, at least. There were really times wherein we almost have the pool on ourselves! Ang saya! :)

Want to know more about our La Vista experience? Please do click HERE! :)

La Familia Goes to Batangas!

Our 2nd stop - Yu & Ai Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas!

It has been the tradition of my husband's side of the family to have a yearly summer outing. We usually go to Laguna as this is much convenient since we are really belong in a very large family! For many consecutive years already, renting a private pool proved to be the best option for us considering our quantity. It also gave us a chance to really bond with one another as we have the place all for ourselves!

But this year proved to be a lot more special since we dare went out our comfort zone! Welcome Laiya, Batangas! :)

Get to know more of our Batangas summer outing HERE! :)

Hundred Islands, here we come! 

Hundred Islands - it is one of those places on my bucket list!

Actually, I've been to Hundred Islands before, but I was too young then... So I've really been wanting to go back. And thank God, it came true this year! What made it more exciting is the fact that I was able to share the experience with my husband and my two daughters!

More details of our escapade HERE!

To Dalampasigan we go!

Every year, we also get to spend time with the family of my aunt, my mother's only sister. It has already became our tradition, some sort of family reunion! :) You will be surprised how two siblings were able to create such a HUGE family! lol

Will tell you more about this summer-reunion thing HERE!

Bicol Funventure

And last but definitely not the least (oh, definitely not!), our Bicol Adventure!

Another item in my bucket list crossed out! Yay!

We toured around Bicol for three days, and the experience was amazing! Just the mere sight of the beautiful Mayon Volcano is truly breathtaking! It truly deserve to be considered as one of the seven wonders of this world! If only I can stay and live nearby so that I can always get to see its beauty! If only...

I'm sure you want to know more about our trip! Details HERE!

But hey, wait! Initially, I thought that the Bicol trip would be the last of our summer escapade, but I was wrong. Our summer was extended! We still had one last swimming bonding in celebration of Father's Day! It was surely another fun summer in June! :D

Sea Breeze Resort, Definitely not your last resort!

We've been to Sea Breeze Resort a many times already since it is just near our place. If we wanted to treat our family and/or friends, but we don't like to travel far any more, this is where we go to. We basically grew up with this resort. From just a simple and ordinary  resort, Sea Breeze has now developed to a resort comparable to those classy resorts in and out of metro.

And once again, in celebration of Father's Day, our family went there for a swim. And as what the kids said, this was their last hurrah for Summer 2016!

More details of our Father's Day Celebration at Sea Breeze Resorts on this link:

Note: I will be updating this post from time to time since I am still finishing some posts, which I intend to link in this post, so please bear with me. Thanks ! :)

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