Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tupperware, The Only Plastic That I Trust!

TRUST. Big word. Just what like the character of Sarah Geronimo in her hit movie with John Lloyd Cruz, Laida referred the word TRUST as a BIG WORD, simply because this one simple word is really very hard to get, much more, to maintain nowadays. And this is true not only in many kinds of relationships, but with the many products that are coming out in the market as well. Consumers are being bombarded with variety of products, which most the times, are just offering false hopes and promises (parang lovelife lang talaga!). :) That is why I am really a firm believer of the clichè "First love never dies." though I think the quotation, "First love lasts forever!" would be the better term to use. 

Oh, yes indeed, may FOREVER! :)

I find my true love and my forever with Tupperware products! I still remember how as a kid, I enjoyed accompanying my mother with every Tupperware party that she attended. As a kid, I was already happy to bring home a spoon with a very long handle. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing this product in their catalogues any more.

Tupperware Long Handle Cooking Fork-o-Spoon
(photo courtesy of

My mother used to have a very huge collection of Tupperware products, although some were already lost and might have landed to the care of a new owner! Lol. Oh well, Tupperware products are really irresistible! As I remembered when I attended one of their events in one of the restaurant along SM by the Bay in Pasay, one of the officers of Tupperware called their products as "The Rolls-Royce of the plastic ware industry!", and I couldn't have agreed more! All Tupperware products are really durable, of great quality which makes them safe to use. Tupperware products is the only brand which offers a 10 year warranty in their products, that's how confident they are with their products! Owning Tupperware products somehow gives that "elite" feeling because their products are really a cut among the rest of the plastic ware products in the market!

Another great thing that I really love with Tupperware is the fact that they never stop offering more and more quality and innovative products. Their team never stops to innovate their products in order to make our lives much more convenient, easier, and colorful too! Although I love their "classic" collection, I just can't resist the attractive colors that their latest collections offers! They are hip and fun! How I wish I can have them all! They will surely make a great addition to my growing collection! :)

Here are some (yes, just some) of my proud collections:

Tupperware Bowl

Speedy Chopper

To show proof of their commitment to make the lives of every households better and fuller, Tupperware Brands Philippines is now celebrating their 50 Years in the Philippine industry! Whoah! For 50 years, Tupperware has remained loyal in their mission, which definitely makes them really worthy of our TRUST! Tupperware products are truly (and confidently) the only "plastic" that I can trust! :D

Tupperware, I TRUST you! :D

Happy 50 Years Tupperware Brands Philippines! 

To know more and to get a glimpse of their latest products, you may visit the following addresses and social media pages:

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