Monday, October 3, 2016

My Breastfeeding Journey

The first time that I've learned that I'll becoming a mom, I have already set my mind to breastfeed my child because I only want everything that is best for my baby! And during that time, I really thought that lactation is a natural occurence for every mother. Well, at first I guess this is true as my breasts really felt very full after giving birth! I got milk! Yay! 

But after more or less a week, I was already having a hard time feeding my daughter. She doesn't seem to be satisfied with the amount of milk I am producing. And I really can't help but wonder. Despite the fact that I really take a lot of soups, especially beef nilaga and those with malunggay, I still had a hard time producing and expressing milk. 

And so eventually, I gave up as I also went back reporting to work. My daughter had to rely on formula milk in order to get the nutrients she needed to grow up healthy and strong.

Next time, I'll do better, I just told myself.

The second time I got pregnant, I was already a stay-at-home mom. I was again excited to breastfeed my baby, but the same scenario happened again. I was not again able to produce enough milk, so to formula, we again relied. By this time, I was already convinced that my body is really not into breastfeeding. But I was wrong! (Thank God!)

Event Venue at SM Makati

Why did I say that? Because thankfully, I was able to get an  invite by Pigeon Philippines at their Only Moms Breastfeeding event at the 3rd Floor of SM Makati last August 20, 2016. At the event, I was able to learn that not every mother are blessed with the capability to breastfeed their child immediately. Some (or most), still needs to really work on it. And patience really plays a great part on this journey. Graced by the newest Pigeon Brand Ambassador, Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee who shared her experiences and journey as a first-time mom, the event was made even more interesting by the breastfeeding tips, advices, and solutions shared by no other than Ms. Abbie Yabot, a certified parenting and lactation expert. Ms. Maye Yao Co Say of Richwell Philippines, Inc. likewise shared her own insights on the importance of breastfeeding. 

Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee
Ms. Abbie & Ms. Shamcey with their cute babies 

It was surely an event packed with great information about breastfeeding. If I was only able to attend a seminar, or even just a simple talk about breastfeeding like this before, I would have been more prepared and properly informed about the things that I need to learn and do in order to prepare myself on this aspect of motherhood. I would have been able to successfully breastfed both of my children. Well, there will still always be a next time (hmm, can sense something here... I think this mom is still hoping to infanticipate one more time!hahaha!).

But of course, the mothers are not supposed to be alone in this breastfeeding journey, the husbands has their own share of obligations too! And so, before the program ends, Mr. Mike Yabut, the husband of Abbie Yabut and singer Duncan Ramos led the fathers present during the event to an oath-taking ceremony. Watch their oath-taking on this link:

Now, if God will again enthrust me and my husband another angel, I know that I will be more prepared now. Especially now that Pigeon Philippines has prepared all the products that will make breastfeeding a lot more convenient and comfortable, I am quite confident that motherhood will be a journey that expectant mothers will excitedly look forward to from now on! :)

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