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Hansel & Gretel, My Daughter's First Theatre Experience!

Hansel is one of the show's major sponsors!
Last Saturday, August 13, 2016, my daughter and I braved the heavy rains just to get a first peek of Repertory Philippines' latest musical production - Hansel and Gretel at the OnStage Theather in Greenbelt 1, Makati City! 

me and my daughter, Renee Joy
At first, I was the only one who's excited to watch the stage play as my daughter was really not familiar with this kind of entertainment. Well, I guess, my husband and I were partly to blame as we were not able to expose them early on. But hey, it is never, never yet too late! Right?! That is why I am really very thankful  to Repertory Philippines for their never ending mission to produce world- class quality productions, not only to the elite class any more, but to everyone! 

As a practice and courtesy to all the audience, the play started on time, and the magic and fun finally began...

scene from Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel is a story about the journey of two siblings who were lost in an enchanted forest where an evil witch who is fond of gobbling naughty children resides and how they were able to outsmart and finally released the other children from the her spell.

While watching every scene came alive, I can't really help remembering my theater days... Yes, I used to be part of Teatro Tomasino! Oh, how I wish! Lol. But kidding aside, I really used to be part of our college's theater group - the Artistang Artlets, AA as we fondly call it. Auditioning alone was never really an easy task, but rehearsing and mastering one's character was doubly hard (or triple?!) So, I can really relate on the amount of effort that each actor have put into the show in order to give justice to their individual characters. And the people behind the scenes are of no exceptions too! But all the sleepless nights and hard work were all really worth it after seeing all the happy faces and hearing all the clapping from the audiences!  

Know more about the hard work and dedication that hoes with every stage performances on this link:

The show was divided into two parts so as to give time for the audience, and the actors, to have a short break.

As the play continues, I can't really help smiling as I observed my daughter. She really had fun watching the show! Thank God! :) I guess there will be more of this kind of entertainment in our list of bonding activities! 

Here are some scenes from the play:

The forest nymphs and gnomes...

Hansel and Gretel with the wicked witch!

Hansel and Gretel praying and spending the night at the forest...

The Villagers having fun...

Hansel and Gretel making baskets and brooms in their house...

The casts of Hansel and Gretel
Over all, the show was really a success! The director, Ms. Joy Virata really did a great job in pulling this classic play together! There was not a single dull moment! The bold colors are really effective in catching everyone's attention. My daughter and I also enjoyed the fact that they made the play a little interactive too! There are parts in the play where they really encourage the participation of the audiences, especially the kids! The kids and the kids-at-heart truly had a great time!

After the show, we were given the chance to meet and greet the major casts of the play, and to have a photo op with them. 

With Ella who's playing the part of Gretel...
Ms. Pinky Amador, one of Repertory Philippines' Board of Trustees and also one of the country's great character actress, also gamely shared a selfie (or twofie, perhaps) with me! 

with Ms. Pinky Amador...
From the bottom of my heart, I really encouraged every parents, titas and titos, everyone, actually, to bring their kids to watch Hansel and Gretel. Not only will they be truly entertained, they can also learn a lesson or two in this play. This is also a great way for the kids to have a little time out from using all the technologies that we all have today. 

Let us all help support the people behind the theatre industry as their dedication to their craft is really priceless! 

Learn more facts about the actors of Hansel and Gretel on this link:

Hansel and Gretel will showing until December 15, 2016. For more inquiries, you may reach them thru tel. no. 843-3570. You may also visit Repertory Philippines' website and social media pages:

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  1. My youngest love theater play. I would see him singing and dancing along. We seen a couple of plays at OnStage (such as Pinnochio and Wizard of Oz) both were spectacular. We will be watching Hansel and Gretel too, but we opted for the a one with fund raising for baby Yanna's liver transplant.



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