Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Nail-a-holics Experience

Those who have read my previous posts already knew that getting a pedicure is one of my way of pampering myself. But sadly, I wasn't able to have my pedi done for more than a month already since I was really busy the past few weeks. Thankfully, last Wednesday, I got the chance to visit Nail-a-holics! It was actually my first time to visit this salon although I have been hearing a lot about this chic place.

It was around past lunch time when I entered Nail-a-holics. I was the sole customer during that time. Lucky me, I have the whole salon for myself! lol!

Upon entering the salon, you can already feel your body relaxing as the mood inside is really very soothing and comforting. Oh, I really love their theme! The different shades of blue, green, and white really captures the colors of the ocean!

Initially, I only intended to have a pedicure but then I decided to have my brows fixed too!

In order to maximize my time at the salon, two attendants were simultaneously giving me the services that I availed.

Palm Beach Pedicure (P 230.00)

I availed the Palm Beach Pedicure. And as per their description, this service includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment and polish, with an anti-bacterial foot soak and a restorative mini foot massage.

First, they soaked my feet for more or less ten minutes. While waiting, they asked me to choose the polish that I want to be applied. As earlier advised, there was an additional charge of P50.00 for their branded polishes. It was only later on that I have learned that they also have regular polishes available for free, though, there are really not much color options available.

Available polishes...

And so my pampering begins...

In fairness, the attendant did gave my nails justice. Look at my pretty feet! Definitely ready for a lot more walking and strutting! :)

Now, I have another option whenever I'll be needing some pampering again. But then again, if I have the luxury of time, I will still prefer to have my nails done in the local salon in our place since they are already familiar with my nails. Gustong- gusto ko kasi yung binubutingting ang kuko ko! I want my ingrown removed, which most of the salons inside the malls do not offer.

Eyebrow Threading ( P 190.00)

I am really lazy person when it comes to taking care of my face, and my brows are definitely not an exception! I find it hard to maintain the shape of brows that is why I just rely on the services offered in salons - threading or waxing, I'm all for it! :)

Another reason why the services were simultaneously given to me was because they do not have a bed where customers availing their threading and waxing services can lie to, though I am not really a hundred percent sure about this. There might be one available inside the other room where the staffs were staying. But then again, they should have let me use that if indeed one is available. :)

For my brows, first thing that was done was to put powder on my brows and the surface surrounding it. And then afterwards, the staff already started threading my brows. I can say that she really had a hard time doing so because of our position. It is really not conducive for the service. But in fairness to the attendant, she really tried her best to make me comfortable.

powder on my brows...

And tadah! here is the finished product! : ) My brows are now again unruly no more! hehe

If you will be asking me if I will still go back to this salon for my brow threading, my answer would be NO because I really noticed and felt that they are still not much ready for this kind of service, maybe because this branch  have just opened recently. I really hope that there will be a lot more improvement the next time that I visit them.

During the duration of my stay in the salon, there was only one customer who went inside, who also left afterwards. The customer is a student. But upon learning that she still has to cash out an additional P50 for the polish, and after checking the available free regular polishes, she just decided to left together with her boyfriend! Sayang! But seriously, the management should deal with this scenario, asap.I think it is still best to offer regular polishes as their salon is mostly attracting students, which mostly has budget concerns

Overall, I had a satisfying experience at Nail-a-holics. One of the staffs even offered to take my photo! Yay! Thanks! :)

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