Friday, July 29, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

Snapshots of the different roles I play...

Being a mom and a wife are no easy tasks. Agree? No matter how fulfilling and gratifying these two roles are, I bet, no one would deny the stress that comes and goes with these roles!  

But hey, there's more to this mother and wife! I am a career woman too! And take note, we do not have a house help to assist us with our everyday chores. I do almost everything, all by myself! (A little grin here) I clean the house, I cook our meals (though, sometimes, my husband help me out on this), I do our laundry, I press our clothes, and I help my kids with their home works and projects too!

And unfortunately, the everyday juggling of all these duties were really taking a toll on me sometimes. Everyday, even before reaching my office, I already look and feel tired! Haggardness to the max! 

But that was before. That was already a history! 

Fortunately for me, I was able to come up with a routine that really works for me. Before, I usually wake up very early in the morning for me to have ample time to do the chores that needed to be done before I report to work. Now, what I do is,  I try to finish most of the chores before going to bed at night so that I do not rush in the morning. Something that I cannot do before since I no longer have the energy when I arrive home. The traffic that I have to go through everyday does not really help at all! Haist! 

So, you might be wondering, where do I get that much needed energy now?!

From Fern-C! 

Guess my godmother finally granted my wish. Finally, I came across a vitamin which enables me to gain more strength and energy to last me the whole day and the coming days ahead! With Fern-C, I felt like as if I am back to my twenties again! Hahaha!

Now, even my worklife is having an upgrade! Court Interpreter 2.0! :D

I work as a Court Interpreter and being as such, I get to deal with different types of people, from different socio-economic status! And most of the time, I cannot avoid being stressed and affected by all the cases that we handle, which ranges from simple cases of Physical Injuries, Theft and Slander to grave cases such as Rape, Murder and Human Trafficking. Everyday in the courtroom is real life drama! Walang sinabi ang mga teleserye sa mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa loob ng korte. You really have to be strong and alert at all  times because you will never know what will happen next. But thanks to my new-found energy booster, Fern-C, I am more focussed now. I am  able to handle my emotions, the different emotions and reactions of our diverse litigants and witnesses, as well as the objections and violent reactions of the lawyers with much more ease.

Also, with all the energy I'm getting, I get to finish more work, faster! Gone are the days when I used to feel lazy and tired even when my day at work is just about to start. Now, I am always ready to face all the tasks and challenges that worklife has to offer me. My motto now is synonymous to that of a girl scout, "Laging Handa!Talaga nga namang, Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!

So if you really want to live a stress-free life, mag-FERN-C ka na dahil ito ay Subok na!

About Fern-C

FERN-C is the First Non-Acidic Vitamin C in the Philippines and the only Quali-C Vitamin C made from Europe, ensuring quality to Millions of Filipinos.

For daily maintenance, it is advised to take 1-2 capsules. But if you're experiencing cold symptoms, taking 3-4 capsules a day is recommended. And for those individuals who are having a hard time swallowing the whole capsule, worry no more as Fern-C may  be dissolved in fruit juices, water, or cold beverages of your choice. Another good thing about this vitamin is the fact that it may also be taken even on an empty stomach! So go ahead, take your Fern-C vitamin, anytime and anywhere!

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