Thursday, May 12, 2016

School of Styling Philippines: Tassel Garland and Piñata Making Workshop

Party planning? This is really one of those things that never failed to excite me! I am really hands-on in all my family's (especially my children)special events. I really got a thing with personalization! As much as possible, I want everything to be personalized - from the invites, to the theme setting, to the souvenirs, etc. I want everything to be unique! Laborious. True. Tiringsome. True. But when I got to see all the finished products and all the smile from all the attendees and the celebrant, it was always all worth it! Whew! :D

So, when I got a chance to attend the School of Styling Philippines' Tassel Garland and Piñata Making Workshop, I really did not let that chance pass! As much as I can, I want to continue learning, I want to continue improving my skills (naks!). Who doesn't anyway?! :) Thank God there are companies/groups that support and cater to these kind of activities/workshops.

It was last April 2, 2016 when I attended the Tassel Garland and Pinata making workshop at the ground level of Glorietta 5, Makati City.

Before the workshop proper, the people behind School of Styling Philippines was generous enough to give us a quick photography workshop first so that we'll have a better idea on how to capture our works later on. 

Ms. Geunice Burgos
Ms. Geunice Burgos, the Creative Director of the Lightkeeper Studio gave us some easy to follow techniques in order to make our shots more eye-catching and be more interest-worthy. She likewise shared some photography apps to make photo editing a lot more easier. Thank you so much Ms. Geunice! :)

Ms. Indy

And at last, the main event started. The workshop was facilitated by no less than Ms Indy of She Dreams in Ink. She was really very kind to impart her knowledge and expertise to all the workshop participants. Step by step, she showed us how to make piñatas and tassels.

Tools and art materials....

First lesson:  Tassel Garlands-making!

Tassels in the making!

2nd Lesson: Piñata-making!

Transferring the piñata pattern...

My miniature piñata!

My finished products...

I really enjoyed tassel garland making the most as it is much easier to make compared to the piñata! Hahaha

Am really looking forward to show-off my newly-gained skill on our next family event! I'll share my photos, don't worry. :D

Again, thank you so much Ms. Indy!

Yours truly with Ms. Indy 
with my mommy blogger friends...
School of Styling Philippines offers a wide variety of workshops. You may check their schedule on their facebook account on this link:

The Juice Barista
Thank you also to The Juice Barista for providing us some refreshments during the workshop! :) 

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