Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Family Movie Date: X-Men Apocalypse

Last Monday, May 23, we were finally able to watch X-Men Apocalypse at the Cinema 1 of Market! Market!

We've been really wanting to watch this movie, especially my husband, we're a fan, you know! :) We really grew up watching the cartoons version, until it was finally made into a movie! Yey! And we were hooked to this saga all the more! :)

And although my daughters are really not much familiar with all the X-Men characters, I am really glad that they still enjoyed the movie. Of course, they raised a lot of questions while we were watching. With that, I really knew that they are really interested.

Over all, I give X-Men Apocalypse a thumbs up. There are just some scenes in the movie that confused me concerning the chronological order of the events, that is when  compared or correlated with the previous installments. Oh, well! I just hope that in the future installments, Professor Charles and Agent Moira really get the chance to rekindle their romance. Hey, with the weight of all the responsibilities that Professor X carries on his shoulder, I really believe that he deserves some happiness too! Oh, and I really hope that it will really be Cyclops and Jean Grey in the end. Am not really much a fan of Wolverine!Ha,ha! (The hopeless romantic in me attacks again! Lol)

Till the next X-Men movie!

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