Sunday, April 3, 2016

Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice

Yay! Finally, we were able to watch the movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice yesterday at the Imax Theater at SM Aura. Ever since I've seen the trailer of this movie, I've really been dying to watch it. I am a big Superman fan, you know, while my husband is die hard Batman fan (opposites really do attract, huh!. :)

Initially, based on the movie trailer, I thought it was Superman who have gone bad. Thank God I was wrong. It was Batman. And to tell you the truth, there were really many instances wherein I wanted to post a status on Facebook showing my disgust with Batman's character. I was really affected. hehehe.... My husband really received a lot of teasing from me after we went out of the movie house! hahaha! 

God vs. Man, this is where the conflict of the movie revolved. And honestly, I find the conflict of the movie very realistic, very human. How Batman was easily blinded by the instigation of the real villain of the story, that is really very human. Weak. And even Superman showed some weakness too - doing everything just to protect and/or save a loved one, even against his will and principle. Very human.

But it is also this same human character that solved the conflict of the story - the capability to love. 

I won't give much detail any more, to still give those who haven't watched it yet the surprise factor.  :)

Overall,  I really enjoyed the movie, even my two daughters who are not much a fan of these two characters (as they are really not much from their generation), had a great time too! As early as now, they are already excited to watch the next instalment of the movie! 

Renee & Reena
So, what are you waiting for guys?! If you haven't watched this movie yet, head on to the nearest movie house now! :)

The Bahala Gang

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