Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SKY Alive! Your Favorites Made Real - Sky Cable's First & Exclusive Cable Fair for Famillies

One of the perks of being a Sky Cable subscriber is having the opportunity to get attend their events, for FREE! This is really one of the things that I love from Sky Cable. They are really constantly trying to give out something to their subscribers ( although, due to some technical problems or so, I was not able to avail of their recently concluded promo - the 7-day free channels. sigh.)

Well moving on, last Sunday, March 13, 2016, in celebration of Sky Cable's 25th Anniversary, we were again able to attend the 1st and Exclusive Cable Fair for Families - SKY Alive! Your Favorites Made Real at the SMX Mall of Asia!

Each subscriber was entitled only to two free tickets. Fortunately, my father is also a subscriber so we were able to get to more tickets enabling all for us to enter for FREE! Yay!

Living up to its theme, truly, Sky Cable were able let all the event's attendees (especially its loyal subscribers) experience a whole day (or two) of fun, treats and entertainment. Each Sky Cable Channel had their own share of promotional gimmicks. My two daughters were really delighted to see all the characters from their favorite cartoons, series and movies come to life!

The Bahala Gang with the TMNT!

TRIPLEJOYS with the Power Puff Girls

Beware! The Walking Dead is here!
Under the Sea...
Serena with Gian Carlo! (Mas bet ko si Gian Carlo kesa kay Ten-ten! lol)
These two really looked like the real McCoy! :)

Aside from the gimmicks, my younger daughter was also happy to see some artists at the said event. She was like uhm, "Ma, Shirley and Drake are here!" The teen couple were the duo who hosted the singing challenge for the MYX booth. Unfortunately, no one of us has the guts that time to take the challenge. hahaha

Sharlene San Pedro & Jairus Aquino for Myx

There were also some simple knick-knacks such cotton candies, popcorns and juices to keep your mouth busy while roaming around the area.

Happy with her cotton candies!

For the ladies, there were also booths offering  make-overs. Of course, I never let that chance! :)

Yours truly with the make-up artist.
Another activity that kept the three of us girls busy was the DIY message board. It surely unleashed the creativity within each of us. Oh, well, sort of! :)

One of the main attraction of the event was the Cosplay contest. I am just so sorry that I was not able to take photos of all the contestants as we were busy roaming the different booths. I wonder who won the contest as we were no longer around when the winners were announced. :)

Overall, it was really a great day! All of us really had fun participating in almost all the promotional gimmicks offered by each booths.

Oh, and look at all these loots that we were able to take home! Nice, right?!

Again, thank you so much to all the participating channels and brands for all the exciting games and treats! And to Sky Cable, thank you once again for making this event possible! We will surely be looking forward again to your next event! Until then. Ciao!

Oh, by the way, Sky Cable has again another treat this coming Saturday! They are again treating its loyal subscribers to an exclusive screening of Batman vs. Superman at the Cinema 11 of SM Megamall. It just make me sad that we cannot attend the screening because we have to attend a family outing. We were really loooking forward pa naman for this movie! Fortunately, the tickets are transferable. So, I guess, what I need to determine now is who among my extended family or friends will be the lucky duo to get these tickets instead. :)

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