Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Birthday Serye 2016

Happy Birthday to ME! :D

Birthday is considered to be one of the most special occasion of every person since it is the day that they were born in this world. True. But despite this, I really don't celebrate my birthday  bongaciously. A simple dinner would be enough. But this year proved to be a little different since I got to celebrate my special day in series! Lucky and happy me! :)

To kick off the celebration, a day before my birthday, I met with two of my blogger friends - Shari & Aci! Its been months since we've last seen each other and we did make some catching up over dinner and coffee. I truly had fun chatting with these two ladies. Really hoping to hang out with them again soon! :)

Shari, Aci and yours truly!

Now comes my big day! 

What's in the news?! This is what was on the Headline on my special day!

As my father and brother went home to our province to attend to a very important matter, I decided to delay my celebration  with them. So instead, I celebrated my birthday with my La Familia (my hubby's side of the family)! Again, its nothing really grand but their presence really made my special day a memorable one! It's a day  full of laughter, stories, karaoke, and empi shots! :D

Yummy! Thanks to my hubby who lovingly prepared all these pulutans! :D

The ever-game and fun to be with La Familia!

Thank you again La Familia for celebrating with me! Mwuah! :)

The following day, I had an intimate dinner with my hubby and two daughters. We ate at the newly opened Japanese restaurant Tenya as lately, my two daughters have grown fond of using chopsticks! So most of our food escapades are either that of Chinese or Japanese cuisines! :) Glad they enjoyed their chopsticks experience!  :)

Will be posting more details of this restaurant, hopefull soon! :)

February 8, 2016, Chinese New Year, it was my turn to celebrate my birthday with my side of the family. 

We decided to check out the recently-opened All-Homes which is just near  our residence. As there is not much food options yet, we decided to eat at Giligans as my father really likes this kind of atmosphere, nothing fancy and formal.

We ordered 4 sets of their group meals, so we all went home fully satisfied! Happy tummies!

My Family! 

The last leg of my celebration was with my officemates. Still, nothing fancy, we just ordered food from KFC and that was it. We're still hoping to have some drinking session, but our schedule won't permit us. Maybe, next time. :)

Team Walang Gana! :)
So that was it - My Birthday Serye

Thank you so much to all my families, relatives, friends and officemates for making my birthday this year a lot more special! Geez, I am already excited for next year, and the plenty years more to come! :)

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