Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bloggers Annual Get Together

Last December 6, 2015, bloggers of different fields and genres got together in one special event at the A Venue Hotel in Makati City.

Organized by Ms. Lariza Garcia, the event provided a venue for the bloggers to meet and be acquainted with one another, and to somehow get away from the daily grinds of life. The event was truly a breather!

There were raffles, foods, entertainment, and more raffles and giveaways throughout the program! The organizer/s really made sure that no one will go home empty handed! Thank you very much to the generosity of all our sponsors!

ATC Healthcare
Brazilian Blowout


Also, aside from all the perks that we enjoyed during the event, it also provided an opportunity for us to know more about the persons that we transact with - the ever kind and accommodating PRs! Thank you so much to Sir Migs and Cards for sharing their time with us!

Yours Truly with Sir Migs! :)

It was also nice seeing and bonding with you mommies! :)

With my mommy blogger friends, Jho and Lally!
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