Sunday, August 16, 2015


Playing tumbang preso, piko, dama, jackstones, pick-up sticks are just some of the games that I used to play when I was a kid. Those were part of my childhood memories that I will forever cherish. Unfortunately, only a few of the younger generation gets to enjoy these games nowadays as most of them are now addicted to computer games and other stuffs available on-line, thus limiting physical and social interactions among children.

Thankfully, there are still companies who value these traditional children's games. One of them is SkyCable. 

Last July 25, 2015, SkyCable once again treated its loyal subscribers to an afternoon filled with fun games and activities to the enjoyment of the whole family!

I felt like I am transported back to the time when I used to roam the street to play. Those were such happy days!

My kids got to play jackstones. 

Renee plays jackstones.

Yna is also eager to learn to play this game.
Salamat mga ate for patiently teaching my daughters to play jackstones!

Aside from jackstones, there were also other games such as the life-sized dama, tumbang preso, and a lot, lot more!

Life-sized dama
Pick-up sticks

There were also lots of activities being offered and showcased by SkyCable's partner companies.

Tinkertots Party Arts & Crafts

Kids digging the clay.
My daughters were busy learning how to make a kite.

Renee Joy is happy with how her kite turned out!

Musik Garten Manila

There were many games and entertainments too, which made the event a lot more fun and exciting!

Talented kids from Musik Garten Manila

And of course, a fair cannot be complete without food to fill everyone's tummy! Thank you so much to all these sponsors for all the yummy goodies!

Fun Ranch

New Zealand Natural Ice cream

They both love the chocolate and strawberry flavors!

Party Time!

 Waffle Time


It was truly one fun Saturday afternoon! My kids really enjoyed the experience. They were happy having had the chance to play the games that my generation used to play. It was really one exciting Playback Rewind Weekend!

Another fun time with my mommy blogger friends!

Their dada enjoyed the experience too! :)
Again, thank you so much to SkyCable for the experience! Thank you also to all the following sponsors for making the event possible. Till next time! :)

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