Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nutri10 Plus, the Vitamin for Active Kids

As a mom, I really believe in the importance of incorporating vitamins in my children's daily diet. Why? Because no matter how much I try to give my family all the nutrients they need through the meals I serve to them everyday, I just know that I really cannot. That is why, I really make sure that  my daughters (and us) regularly get their daily dose of vitamins, so as to make up for that insufficiency.

But what do I really look for in a vitamin? 

My first consideration really is the nutrient content. The more nutrients, the better. As much as possible, I do not want to give my children different, assorted vitamins. Kung pwedeng isa lang, isa na lang talaga! 

My next consideration is the taste so as to avoid unnecessary drama in trying to convince them to take the vitamins. So, the taste of the vitamin should be children-approved! :)

The price is of course in the last of my considerations. Of course, as a mom, I am really willing to spend just to give my children the quality health care they deserve! But of course, if there is something out there in the market that is economical, but still possesses the quality I am looking for, then, who am I to say no? I would definitely welcome that! :)

And although  I am quite satisfied with our current vitamin brand, still, I am open to try other brands. And just this summer vacation, I was given the chance to let my kids try Nutri10 Plus Syrup.

According to Werts Philippines, Nutri10 Plus Syrup  helps to ensure  your child a healthier body and mind, greater vitality and energy, and greater resistance to disease. Every 5 mL of Nutri10 Plus Syrup contains CGF + Zinc + Taurine + Lysine + Vitamins such as A, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C which help promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development.

To further relay their message to its target market, they even got the very cute and talented Alonzo Mulach as their endorser. I am all the more excited to let my kids try this brand!

The verdict? 

Nutrient-wise, I really give this multivitamin a two thumbs up as it is really packed with nutrients needed by growing and extremely active children. Since my daughters started taking Nutri 10 Plus, they have become more healthy and active. 

I likewise do not have any issue with the price as it really is very affordable. A 120ml bottle only cost around P160.00. Easy on the budget, right?!

It is in the taste that I initially had issue with since my daughters were used to the sweet taste of their previous vitamins. At first, they find the Ponkan flavor too tangy (they are really not much into sour-tasting foods). They even said that it has a little bitter after-taste. Tried it myself, and I agree on their observations. But, despite these facts, I still encouraged them to continue taking the vitamin as its nutrient contents are really good for them. And they did. Now, they no longer complain much of the taste (I think, they somehow get used to it na. hihihi...). But, still, I really hope that Wert Philippines can come up with new sets of flavors too so as to further encourage the kids to prefer this vitamin over the other vitamins available in the market! :)

To know more about Nutri10 Plus, you may visit their Facebook page on this link:

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