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Diva Presents the Filipina High Heeled Warriors

Last June 13, 2015, in support of the three wonderful mommies of Mommy Blogger Philippines (MBP) - Lani, Louisa & Joy, I attended the High Heeled Warriors event at the South Court Power Plant Mall. Organized by the leading women’s channel DIVA,  in cooperation with Lactacyd, Devant and Swiss Miss , the black and white-themed event aimed to educate and to empower the women of today. Ms. Arianne Serafico hosted the event.

Louisa, Lani & Joy
The powerful trio of MBP lead off the talk representing the Heart Warmers. They each shared theirs insights and experiences, making them great examples of what a Heart Warmer woman really is. (Good job mommies!) :)

Ms. Marika
Next to share was Ms. Marika Callangan, representing the Social Siders. Founder of Woman, Create - a movement that gathers and empowers young women through art, creativity and fun discourse, she is really an inspiration for making the most out of abilities and talents, dwelling not on the negative aspects of her life! (Way to go, Ms. Marika!)

Danah & Stacy
Last, but definitely not the least to share their thoughts, goals and aspirations are sisters Danah and Stacy of Plump Pinays! They represented thr Passionistas!

I really admire their advocacy and their goal in trying to convince women to accept their God-given bodies,  to understand what real beauty truly is, and not to easily be swayed by the norms and standards that the society dictates. (Keep it up sissies!)

The event proved to be really informative as I was able to learn about the existence of the five different types of personalities that women may belong to - the High Heeled Warriors! Made possible by the marketing study conducted by NBCUniversal, please find below the different types personalities of women, as enumerated and explained by NBCUniversal's Head of Research, Mr. Henry Robles:

The Heart Warmer

“Money can’t buy the happiness that family brings.” 

These are women who are very supportive, dedicated, and whose main source of joy is family.  Their decisions in life revolve around families.

Heart warmers are women who aim for work-life balance, are caring, loyal, and supportive. They make up 19 percent of the regional respondents and 18 percent of Filipinas. When it comes to planning for the future, Heart-warmers know that understanding her finances is important for family.

The mantras of women Heart warmers include having simple pleasures, no complications, no clutter, and no worries.

The Trailblazer

“I want to stand out in the crowd.”

Trailblazers are big spenders, career-driven, and consume a variety of media in multiple forms. “They are progressive, ambitious, and want to be ahead. She pushes herself professionally & personally. In her style in fashion, she likes brands that are prestigious.

According to the study, Trailblazers are also women motivated by power and recognition, and constantly push the limits and challenge themselves.

The Passionista

“I want to live in the moment and have no regrets.” 

Adventurous, spontaneous, assertive women make up the Passionista segment. Women in this group live for the moment. These women have a strong sense of fun, but are also very ambitious and driven.

The Social-sider

“Life is great. I enjoy making friends and I enjoy making new ones!”

Women with a wide social circle and who say that watching television is a social activity are Social-siders.

A person that’s easy to get along with, loves to meet new people but at the same time holds on to old friends is a Social-sider. They also exhibit the Filipino value of pakikisama in a positive sense because of their strong sense of socialism. 

The Peace keeper

"I want a simple life; calm, stable, and predictable.” 

Are you fiercely loyal to brands? Then maybe you are a Peace keeper who goes for marques that are tried and tested. While Passionistas are more experimental in buying more brands and Trailblazers prefer brands that are prestigious and rich in status, Peace keepers are traditional.

A Peace keeper likes to plan, organize, and keep everything in order. Because of that, she has a sense of calm. When it comes to finances, 86 percent of Peace keepers said they have savings account.

So, which group do you belong to?

Proud to be a Heart Warmer

And oh, by the way, thank you so much Swiss Miss for the heart-shaped mug I won! Really love it! :)

Swiss Miss Selfie Contest Winners (photo courtesy of Diva)

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