Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our First Taste of Summer 2015

Every year, my husband's side of the family - the La Familia (as how we fondly call this side of our family), always look forward to the coming of summer. It has been our tradition to spend an over night swimming together.
Laguna is where we usually spend our summer escapade as it is much accessible and convenient to go to! 

Boarded the jeepney! It is more fun in the Philippines!

This year, we spent our outing at Donabelle Private Pool located in Pansol, Laguna. Unfortunately, we were not really given much options as it was already late when we started looking for a private resort. The fact that our preferred date fell on Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday did not helped us too. So, Donabelle it was!

We arrived at the resort a little past 3:00 in the afternoon. I immediately checked the place once inside.
The resort has one averaged-size swimming pool and one kiddie pool.
The Adult Pool...
The Kiddie Pool...
There are three rooms available which are located at the second floor of the house ( the ground floor is being occupied by the owner/caretakers. Two of the rooms are airconditioned while the other room only has electric fans. But, honestly, we felt not much difference as the aircons were not really cooling that much. :( All the rooms has its own bathrooms although there are also comfort rooms downstairs, beside the pool.

The resort also has a dirty kitchen, a dining area and a small gazebo. 

Trying the swimg with my hubby!
The resort likewise provided a Videoke Machine, though we were not really satisfied with its sounds. :(
For our first meal, these were what we had!

Prayer before meal...

And the boodle fight began... :)
 Di naman halatang magana kaming kumain noh?! Lol

The kids enjoyed their meals too!
After all the kids had finally call it night, the adults had a little drinking spree! We stayed up until almost five in the morning, and woke up again at around seven for breakfast! Whew!

We stayed at the resort for more or less 18 hours. Although we did not like the place that much, that did not matter much anymore since, as as  expected, we're more than satisfied with the company of our La Familia!

In fairness to the resort, the place is generally clean, as well as the water in the pool. They even cleaned and changed the water of the kiddie pool very early in the morning.

But, if you're gonna ask me if we would be back to that place again? The answer would definitely a NO! Hey, there are a lot more resorts to discover in Laguna, right?! Hopefully, next time it will be much to our liking already.

First day of swimming get up!
2nd day of swimming...

The family that swims together, stays together! :)

Donabelle Private Resort is located in Purok 7, Pansol, Calamba City.

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