Saturday, May 23, 2015

My phone is one of the things that I could not live without. Aside from connecting me to my love ones, it has become my companion, my access to the online world! 

I have been a Globe subscriber ever since. And just this March, my contract with Globe expired... And just a month after, so does my iPhone! It accidentally went swimming in the water. :)

I applied for a re-contracting with Globe so as to avail my self a new phone. And since the available plans offering iPhone 6 appears to be really heavy in my pocket, I settled for Samsung Galaxy A7.

It was not actually my first time to own a Samsung phone since my first line with Globe came with a Samsung phone, though I am no longer familiar with the unit. But that phone was stolen inside our house, while we were sleeping (So much for this as that horrifying moment kept flashing back again!)

Back to my new phone!

So, on April 21, 2015, I applied for a new plan. It was delivered on April 23. 

Here is my new gadget, the Samsung GAlaxy A7. You can read the full specifications here.

At first, I find the phone too big to handle, but I immediately got used to it! And I really started enjoying all the specifications of the phone. It has a big screen for more happy viewing. The selfie camera is serving me well too! I really don't have any bad issues at all, until yesterday...

I accompanied my two daughters in their swimming lessons yesterday. Of course, just like before, I made sure I was able to record this another milestone for my children. I took a video of their accomplishments in swimming. And then after more than two hours, we went home. But first, we had our lunch first at Jollibee. :)

When we were already home, I immediately dozed off. I left my phone on top of our small table. It was still working then, though I was no longer able to check the Facebook Notifications appearing on the screen as I was indeed too tired and sleepy already.

I woke up before 2:00 P.M. when my nieces and nephews arrived. I slept for more or less an hour.

And of course, the first thing I did was to check on my phone, and it was dead. That really startled me because its battery was still at 70% when I slept. So, I charged my phone. Nothing happened. There was no indication at all that the phone was charging, so I already panicked! I searched on the net on some possible reasons and answers. I tried on some of their suggestions on what to do, which merely involved pressing the power button, the volume button and the home button all at the same time, but nothing worked! Kalurkey! I got more panicky! Not again! Am I being punished for being so dependent on my phone?! Please, no! :(

So, I called the Globe Customer Service and I was advice to go to the nearest Globe Store so as to best addressed my concern. 

I arrived at the Globe Store at 5:25 PM, as appearing on my ticket. I was entertained at around 6:10 to 6:15. I was informed that the unit might have overheated as it was still a little hot during that time though according to the globe attendant, it is just normal for gadgets with data plans to emit heat.

Unfortunately, the unit can no longer be replace as it was already released for more than 7 days. Instead, I was advised to have it checked by Samsung technicians, under the warranty covering the unit. I was issued a document certifying that I availed the said unit under a Globe plan. But, as of this writing, I haven't gone to the Samsung Care Center yet as it is located in SM Megamall. Maybe on Monday as I have already some plans for today, Sunday. 

So that's it for the mean time. I'll keep you updated on this dilemma of mine soon! Hopefully, I will only have positive news. 

As for the moment, I will just have to content myself in once again using my iPhone 3G! Buti pa ang 3G ko, buhay na buhay pa!

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