Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Daughters Joined the Jollibee Talent Camp 2015

Summer vacation is undeniably the season that kids are really looking forward to every year, next to Christmas, of course! :)

Aside from having the much awaited rest and time off from school work, kids are really excited of the summer season because for them, summer is synonymous to swimming and/or beach! Yehey! ( Will be posting a lot on this topic soon!) :)

But as a parent, I really want my children to really make the most out of their vacation. That is why, I really make sure that I enroll them in activities that does not only encourages fun, but learning as well! This is also my way of helping, especially my older daughter to overcome her shyness. :)

This year, I enrolled my two daughters in Jollibee's Talent  Camp. Fortunately, the Jollibee near us now participated in the talent camp because if my memory serves me right,last year they do not. :)

My daughters, along with three of their cousins were part of the first batch of the Jollibee Talent Camp participants in Jollibee Diego Silang, Taguig branch. Unfortunately, I was not able to monitor and watch them in their five days of workshop since I am at work. Thankfully, my father and niece were able to capture some of their moments during their workshops.

Sharing with you some of their photos....

First Day
2nd day...
Cousins bonding on their 3rd day...
3rd day... These kids sure appears to be very disciplined! :)
4th Day... Seriously practicing for their presentations.
Everyday workshop is so much fun with Jollibee Kiddie Meals!

Hmmm... They were not able to take some photos on their 5th day. Busy practicing? Maybe. :)

During the  five-day workshop, all the kids were encouraged to bring out and showcase their talents. The instructors were likewise able to share some pointers about acting, singing and dancing and on how to further enhance their God-given talents. The kids also enjoyed their burger-making experience. Now, they enjoy their every bite of the yummy Yum Burger even more! :)

And at last, the Graduation Day came... yehey! I am more than happy to have finally able to attend their graduation ceremony as it fell on a Saturday!

All participants were divided into three groups and each group were assigned to make a presentation.

Acting. The first group was tasked to act. My daughter Renee Joy belonged in this group. Although their performance was just short, it still made me proud of my daughter as she was able to overcome her shyness. Congrats ate! :)

Singing. The second part of the presentation is singing. My niece Andrei Anne was part of this group.

Dancing. It was the third part of the presentations. My younger daughter Reena Joy sure did a great job in their performance! Congrats baby for not missing any step and for dancing so well! :)

After the group presentations, all participants were again called for their last number. They all sang and danced to the beat of the Jollibee Theme Song! It was really nice seeing all the kids grooving, singing and most of all, having fun and having a great time!

But what really delighted all the kids all the more was the arrival of their special guest - Jollibee! Jollibee likewise prepared a presentation for the excitement of the Jollibee kids. 

Afterwards, Jollibee personally awarded the certifications to all the workshop participants who have completed the six-day workshop!

Renee Joy receiving her certificate...

Reena Joy, very much happy to receive her Certificate...
Jollibee likewise awarded some special awards to some selected Jollibee kids. 

Special Awardees...
And here are the wonderful Jollibee Kids who finally graduated from the First Batch of the Jollibee Talent Camp 2015! Congratulations kiddos! You make us all proud!

The First Batch of Jollibee Talent Camp 2015 Participants

This is surely another milestone that my daughters will treasure throughout their life. And as their mother, I promise them that there will be more! All the best for my kiddos!

Reena Joy, a proud Jollibee Kid!
Renee Joy... proud to be a Jollibee Kid!
Yna and Me!
Yna with Papa

Yours truly with my two Jollibee Kids!

How about you mommies?! Do you want your child to learn while having fun? Do not miss this this chance to enroll your kids at the Jollibee Talent Camp 2015! There's still much time! Go and inquire to the nearest Jollibee branch. You may also click here for more details. :)

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