Thursday, April 9, 2015

The S'mores Kit by Kit Curator

The Have S'mores Kit is one of the freebies that I took home during the Sunny  Side Up Media Event. And I'm really happy to have it in my loot!

Kit Curator, the group behind this very unique concept aims to offer each and everyone a new experience by curating kits under a specific theme and lifestyle! What makes the experience a lot more interesting and fun is the fact that each kits likewise curated to have a  matching music to go with each kit which can easily be accessed at their Facebook page. Cool, isn't it?!

Each kit comes with an instruction manual to serve as your guide. It is so easy that you can do this activity with your kiddos.

And so as instructed, we put the mallow and the chocolate on top of each cookie.

There are two ways to do this kit, we preferred cooking it with a microwave oven. And here is the finish product! Yummy, right?!

My daughter Yna definitely love the chewy-goodness of the S'mores! She kept on asking me to get more of this kit! :)

She's lovi'n the S'mores!

I'm really excited to be at the Sunny Side Up Bazaar tomorrow! Will definitely get more of this kit for my princess. Looking forward to spend another fun and quality bonding time with m daughter(s) again! :)

To get to know more about Kit Curator, go visit them on Facebook by clicking this link: Or better yet, go check them out at the Sunny Side Up Bazaar happening tomorrow until April 12, 2015 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City!

See you there! :)

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