Saturday, March 21, 2015

Old Navy Flip Flops for only P100.00!

Summer  is undeniably here! 

And what does summer means? It is swimming time again!!! Everyone is already excited to hit the beach, dive the pool, and flaunt their summer OOTD! 

It is once again time to show off not only those bikini-ready bodies, but also those perfectly polished toe nails! Yes, today is now officially Flip-Flop Days! Yippee!!!

And Old Navy must have really understand the importance of flip-flops in making a memorable summer vacation, that's why in celebration of Old Navy's First Year  Anniversary here in the Philippines, they've came up with a one day Flip-Flop Hooray promo! When  I learned about this promo, I've already marked my calendar! I just couldn't miss this chance to avail of these flip-flops for only P100.00! Yes, you read it right, P100 for a pair of Flip-Flops! I was really excited! Hooray!

Happy First Year Anniversary Old Navy!

But as there was an impromptu occasion that we needed to attend to, a day before the promo date, I've already set my mind that I can no longer drop by the Old Navy store. But I guess, luck was really on my side as we were able to get back sooner than expected, thus, still leaving me time to be at the Flip-Flop Hooray event! Yey!

So my sister and I went to the Old Navy store located in Bonifacio Global City. Luckily, there were still a few pairs left! Yes! 

So we immediately grabbed some pairs!

Here is my sister grabbing some pairs...

And here are the pairs that I've got:

Four Pairs of White flip-flops, perfect for our family OOTD!

Got my self three pairs! Happy Me!!!

White for my princesses...

I likewise grab a pair for my father dear... He really love it! :)

All in all, I bought seven pairs of Flip-Flops for only seven hundred pesos! Great deal right?! Thank you so much Old Navy Philippines for this wonderful treat! Till your next promo! :) Again, Happy First Year Anniversary!


  1. Too bad I missed this one. Those flip flops are a real steal!!!

  2. Nice! Good bargain! :) Even in the US, Old Navy flip-flops often go on sale. Kaya feeling ko yan lagi padala ng tita ko sakin. haha!

  3. Aww! I envy you! There must be a repeat! :)

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  5. Furthermore, Old Navy must have truly comprehend the significance of flip-failures in making a huge summer excursion, that is the reason in festivity of Old Navy's First Year Anniversary here in the Philippines, they've thought of a one day Flip-Flop Hooray promo! When I found out about this promo,

    Samuel F. Thomas

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  8. Nice! Good bargain! :) Even in the US, Old Navy flip-flops often go on sale. Kaya feeling ko yan lagi padala ng tita ko sakin. haha! shoes for warehouse work



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