Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bringing Me, and All of Us More Reasons to Smile... Smile Pilipinas!

I had a very meaningful birthday celebration this year. I did not only turned a year older, I likewise turned a lot more smarter, and orally healthier too! :D

You know why? Because last February 6, 2015 , I was privileged to have been part of the Press Briefing of the Smile PIlipinas

Smile Pilipinas is a campaign organized by the UP Dental Alumni Association (UPDAA), in celebration of their centennial year this 2015 and in partnership with global oral care  brand, Oral-B. Held at the UP College of Dentistry Auditorium in UP Manila, this movement aims to uplift the deteriorating state of oral health in the Philippines through an extensive campaign that enjoins the support of each and every Filipino. 

Majority of us Filipinos are very jolly people. We love to laugh, we love to smile. That is why having healthy teeth should be one of our topmost priority. But this is definitely not the case in our country right now. Our government is definitely not giving much priority in oral health. Quite unfortunate, right?! I am just glad that there are still private organizations/ concerned groups who are continuously spreading awareness and fighting so as this aspect of our health be likewise given importance, not only by each and every Filipinos, but especially by the government.

The Smile Pilipinas Press Briefing was very much well attended, headed by their Chairman, Dr. Vincent O. Medina, currently the Dean of The UP College of Dentistry. Also present were Vice Chairman John Paul de la Vega, President and CEO Dr. Maria Jocelyn G. L. Tan, Mr. Shankar Viswanathan, the General Manager of Procter & Gamble Philippines, Mr. Suranjan Magesvaran, Vice President of Procter & Gamble Asia. And of course, also present to grace the event was Ms. Iza Calzado, Oral-B's beautiful ambassador!

Each had their chance to speak and share their take on the importance of this campaign. Truly, it is never yet too late for all of us to take oral health seriously. We all just have to start acting now! ( that's the magic key word - NOW!)

Mr. John Paul de la Vega - Smile Pilipinas' Vice Chairman

Dr. Vincent O. Medina - Chairman, Smile Pilipinas

Dr. Maria Jocelyn G. L. Tan - President & CEO, Smile Pilipinas

Mr. Suranjan Magesvaran- General Manager, Procter & Gamble Vice President

Mr. Shankar Viswanathan, General Manager - Procter & Gamble Philippines

Ms. Iza Calzado - Actor & Oral-B's Ambassador

It is also important to note that Smile Pilipinas have already started this campaign in Pasig and Pateros. Hopefully, it will also be brought to other cities in the metro as soon as possible. 

To know more about the Smile Pilipinas campaign, you may read their official Press Release on this link:

You may also visit them on their facebook page here.

But before that, and before ending this post, let me just share to you my photo with the pretty Ms. Iza Calzado!(Pagbigyan nyo na ako, birthday ko naman! :D )

Yours truly with Ms. Iza Calzado

Again, I wish everybody involved in this campaign all the luck. I really hope that this campaign will be able to save more teeth, eventually turning this world a much happier and cavity-free place! 

More power to Smile Pilipinas! 

Happy birthday to me too! :)

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