Monday, February 23, 2015

Mishka Shoes... Foldable Shoes for your Everyday Comfort

I have a confession to make. I am an ADDICT! But don't get me wrong 'coz its not what you're thinking it is. I'm a shoe addict! :)

My love for shoes started way back my elementary days. I always wanted to have shoes that will match my attire (color-coding ba). I always have a pair of shoe that will fit every occasion!

But no, I am no brand conscious. What I really look for in a shoe are the quality, comfort and design. Before, I was really into strappy sandals, with heels of course! But somehow, this changes when I became a mother. Of course, quality, comfort and design are still my top considerations, though my preference for heeled shoes have somehow diminished. Juggling my duties as a working mom is really not an easy task that is why nowadays, I find comfort in wearing flats. It is just unfortunate that there are not much fashionable designs available in the market. 

But not anymore as recently, I've come to know about Mishka Shoes. 

Mishka Shoes is a locally made brand that offers a wide variety of comfortable stylish foldable shoes for every woman’s lifestyle. Mishka Shoes is not like any other foldable shoes that bends upward even if you are not wearing it. 

Mishka Shoes offers a combination of style, comfort and function. You can definitely wear these shoes the whole day in any occasion without sacrificing a woman’s outfit and comfort as well.  What’s good about Mishka Shoes is that it’s also light weight so you can bring them along when you travel.

Here are some of the stylish designs being offered by Mishka Shoes:

Aren't these the prettiest?! Can't wait to fill my shoe cabinet with Mishka Shoes!

Mishka Shoes is present online through Facebook and Instagram (@mishkashoes) so people can check their latest styles.

Mishka Shoes is currently available in Landmark Makati located at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section. They are also available in different bazaar events around the Metro. So you go and check them out! 

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