Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bakery Fair 2015 at World Trade Center

I visited the last day of the three-day Bakery Fair 2015 held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, which was held from January 30 to February 2015. 

I have always wanted to bake. Though I am not much into sweets, I really wanted to become a pastry chef. I just find the different designs of the cakes, cupcakes, etc. so fancy and beautiful to look at. It really amazes me how they were able to create such beauty, such art!

 I remember how I was when I was still in grade school - collecting recipes and following every step of it. Gladly, I had some successful attempts! :)

But as I grow older, I became more busy I was not able to pursue this interest of mine. But this doesn't prevented me from attending events which has relation to baking. I am still not loosing hope. I know some day, I can find ways to allot some time to finally do this interest of mine.
Am here!

I was really happy to have attended the Bakery Fair 2015. Upon entering the venue, I was greeted by the line of cakes displayed at the center aisle. Of course, I was not able to resist capturing those masterpieces!

Aren't they all lovely? I really wish I can make my own masterpiece someday! :D

The Bakery Fair offered a wide variety of goodies, to the delight of all the baking enthusiasts who have attended the event! It was participated by both local and foreign companies. There were variety of ingredients, there were baking equipments, from small baking tools to the gigantic ones, name it and you would find it there!
There were lots of demonstrations too! And of course, food tasting! Yum, yum! :D

Before I left the venue, I noticed that there were additional cakes on display. I think there was some kind of a competition, but I will not tackle on this as I really do not have any information on it. Let's just satisfy our eyes with these beautifully crafted cakes.

I really had fun at the Bakery Fair! I will surely be checking them out again on their next schedule! Hopefully, by that time, I have already mastered a recipe or two! :D

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