Monday, February 2, 2015

2nd Day of Papal Visit... Thank you for the blessing!

The moment that I have learned that Pope Francis will be coming to our country, I already promised my self that I will do my best to see him, even just a glimpse of him. 

Initially, I planned of either attending his mass at the Quirino Grand Stand or attending His meeting with the youth at the University of Santo Tomas, my dear Alma Mater.

His day of arrival came, but I didn't got the chance to see him as I am not really not sure where to stay and wait. 

The following day, during His Meeting with the Families, I was really excited having convinced my husband to go with me. Fortunately, the crowd going to the MOA Arena was not yet that thick when we arrived. We were still able to find an advantageous place, near the line of policemen barricading the road where the Pope's entourage will pass.

The crowd as we await the passing of the Pope...

The crowd grown thicker!

When I saw a helicopter rounding the vicinity, I already knew that the Pope was already nearing...

The helicopter as it checks the crowd...

Some moments later, a smoke came out on top of Heritage Hotel. I knew that it was a sign... Pope Francis will be coming already...

While waiting, needed to have some more documentations... 

coufie here... :D

coufie there... :D

And when the Pope finally arrived and passed by our location, that moment, although very short and very quick, was really a moment that I will really treasure as long as I live.

I was not able to take a photo of the Pope, I find a video more suiting to document this once in a lifetime experience! You may view it in this link:

Unfortunately, my husband was not able to see the Pope as he offered to carry me just to give me a better view of the Pope! How sweet of him, right?! While he was carrying me, I already knew that I am blessed as a miracle was already on the works! :D 

Thank you baby for sacrificing your chance to see the Pope in my favor! :)

Happy ME!

How about you? Were you able to see Pope too? Do share your experiences too!

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