Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Old Spaghetti House Pasta All You Can Promo

Last Monday, January 26, 2015, my hubby fetch me from work. It was unplanned and it really made me happy as he seldom had the chance to do that as we do not work in the same area. 

Before going home, we decided to check first the boutiques at SM Manila as he was intending to buy a pair of new shoes. After visiting one boutique to another, he was still not able to find one that will fit into his liking (such a picky! Lol!). We just decided to have our merienda (dinner?). 

I passed by The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) and saw that they are once again offering "Pasta All You Can" promo! So I suggested that we eat at TOSH. Anyway, I really love their dishes. And my hubby is a pasta and pizza fanatic too! :D

Although I'm already frequenting TOSH, it was my first time to avail of their Pasta All You Can Promo. I was really excited! :)

The promo starts at 5:00 PM and will last until 9:00PM. Luckily, we were there just a quarter past 5, so we were able to be seated immediately. There were just a few tables filled when we arrived, but after we were seated, more and more customers arrived and the restaurant was  filled in an instant!  

The manager then approached us to take our orders and when we informed her that we will be availing the Pasta and Pizza All You Can promo, she put a stamped mark on our arms. 

The Old Spaghetti House mark

This serves as their mark to distinguish diners who would be availing of both the pasta and pizza from those who will be availing of the Pasta All You Can only. 

I tried all the pasta dishes offered in the promo. ( photos below)

Vietnamese Garlic




What do you notice from the photos above? Yes, they do not have any "sahog". It was just pasta and sauce, nothing more. Although, in fairness, they were able to maintain the tastes of each pasta, it just saddened me not to be able to eat even a small portion of meat, or a single shrimp perhaps?! But, some people may ask me, "Hey, what do you expect from P149.00?" Well, I'll be answering " A lot." :D

And the pizza?

Pepperoni and 5 Cheese

We were only able to try two varieties of pizza, the pepperoni and the 5 cheese. The pizzas are okay though I find them a little too thin, and they were not crunchy at all! And it just so unfortunate that it took them some time to serve the pizzas! And that's not all, they only served two pizzas at a time. This shouldn't be an issue if the intervals of each servings were not that long, so I guess this is indeed an issue! I even heard one student-customer saying "Busog na ako sa kahihintay ng pizza!" Lol.

I think the management should consider preparing a buffet table next time if they are still intending to continue offering a promo of this kind, instead of the staffs doing their rounds to serve each diners. With a buffet set up, I think they will definitely live up to the real meaning of "all you can" & "unlimited". This is much less hassle too, especially for the staffs of TOSH. :)

Pizza and Pasta

My hubby and I...

TOSH, SM Manila

We stayed for more or less an hour. When we finished, there were still more customers waiting outside for their turn, mostly, students. 

The verdict? 

Will we be availing of this promo again? The answer is a big NO. We don't like the idea of getting our tummy filled, minus the satisfaction. But don't get me wrong, I still love TOSH. I would definitely come back to their resto, but this time, I will just stick on their regular menu. This will be a little much pricey, but at least, I will be happy and satisfied!

TOSH's Pasta All You Can is available from Monday to Thursday only. But this promo is about today. So if you like to try this promo, you better hurry! 

You can avail of the Pasta All You Can promo for only P149.00. But if you want an unlimited (?) serving of their pizzas too, you just have to pay an additional amount of P50.00

For other branches offering this promo, you may check their Facebook page on this link:

You may also check their website on this link: 


  1. Sayang last day na pala. My boys love TOSH's pizza and pasta. We frequent the one on Robinson's Pioneer.

  2. Sayang naman you didn't enjoy the said "All you CAN eat" promo nila but hopefully they'd have a buffet next time kasi that's what I would expect too.

  3. Nakakasira ng diet, grabe sa carbs. Buti nalang I read about it now lang. Otherwise, I may not be able to resist.



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