Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sasatinnie Foot Mask Turned Hand Mask

I was really excited when I received my free package which came with my VIP subscription with Sample Room. 

My Free Box From Sample Room

Feeling VIP

One of the item inside the round box is a Foot Boots by Sasatinnie. I was really excited to try this product, but it's only last Monday that I was really able to try it.

Sasatinnie Foot Boots(?)

I opened the sachet, and I was really surprised to see what's inside. What I saw really puzzled me as instead of getting foot boots, what I got were hand masks/gloves. What happened?! 

Foot Boots turned Hand Gloves

Although a little disappointed, I still used the hand masks. And I'm just so glad I did. After wearing the gloves for more than 20 mins, my hands really felt smooth and moisturized! It both smelled so good too! Now my hands are dry no more! 

Wearing the gloves on...

I am really excited to try this product on my feet. Hopefully, the next time, I'll get the correct pack! :D

Sasatinnie Peach Masks contain ginseng, peach & rose extract, which can stimulate blood circulation to enhance and restore skin. It moisturizes dry skin and gives an anti-aging effect.

To know more about this product and the other products offered by this brand, check their website:

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  1. sample room is really great and they are pretty prompt. ngayon ko lang nakita na nagkamali ang SR sa package nila. but at least you still got to try the product! hope you post a review of your other stuff from SR :D



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