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Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014

I really hope this post is not yet that too late as it still feels like the Holiday season for me although almost everyone already reported back for work, including me! :D

Last December 5, 2014, I once again had the chance to experience another first in my life! Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I got the chance to experience partying winter wonderland style! Oh, I really love this group! 

The event was held at the Spaces by Babyland located at 548 Facilities Centre, Shaw  Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. Before entering the venue, I was really not expecting much. So I was really amazed to see the venue transformation! Although the venue is not really that big as it is really designed for intimate gatherings, the organizers and the sponsors were able to successfully bring magic to the place! They were really able to bring and capture that winter-wonderland feeling to the venue. 

Check the below photos and be mesmerized by the beauty and class of the venue. As many says, to see is to believe! :D

The Registration...

The Posh Caterer

Shekinah Dishes

The program officially started with Mommy Lani of Tweenselmom, the lady behind the success of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. She welcomed us all and thanked especially all the generous sponsors who made the event a very successful one! 

We likewise had a game, a question and answer kind of thing, for us to know a lit bit of more of each other. The game was really fun! We're like noisy children buzzing around! hahaha!!!

Mommy Lani giving her Opening Remarks

With Sis Nerisa of Baby Neo's Mama
The game definitely exhausted all of us and made all of us hungry! So here comes my favorite part of every event - Eating Time! :D

We actually have three very generous caterers during the event - The Posh Caterer, Shekinah Dishes and Kubiertos Catering. We likewise have Love Desserts to satisfy our cravings for everything that is sweet, yummy and delicious!

The Posh Caterer

The Posh Caterer


Shekinah Dishes

Shekinah Dishes

Kubiertos Catering

Kubiertos Catering

Love Desserts

After filling up all our tummies with variety of sumptuous dishes, we likewise have some raffles from gallant sponsors, especially Abenson Appliances for sponsoring the two major prizes, a tablet and a TV! Congratulations to all raffle winners! :)

And although, there were some who didn't win ( including me!), we didn't really went home empty handed as all of us were given lots and lots of freebies from MBP's loving sponsors! 

Our loot from Fly Ace Corporation!

Nail-a-holics bagged it!

Gift from Triumph

Loots from Teleserv

Trolli Goodies

Treats from Nature Essentials & Other Sponsors

Thank you to all the sponsors for being so generous! This really wanna make me sing... Here it goes, "Thank you... Thank you... Thank you, thank you, ambabait ninyo!" :D

 And of course, I'd like to say Thank You too to  Sis Louisa for this wonderful gift. :)

Gift from Sis Louisa
And of course, on behalf of MBP, I would also like to thank Yeah Shoot Photobooth for capturing our photos! We truly had fun posing and dressing up! :) You may check their Facebook account on this link: https://www.facebook.com/yeahshootphotobooth

From Yeah Shoot Photobooth
The beautiful mommy blogger attendees of MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party (grabbed photo)

The wonderful trio who made this event successful! Thank you so much! :D

Yours Truly! :D
Till next time! (I am already excited! lol)

MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Sponsors
Love Desserts   

Fly Ace     
Nature Essentials    
Yeah, Shoot!     
The Cream Factory     
Krispy Kreme     
Posh Caterer    
Shekinah Dishes     
Kubiertos Catering     



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