Sunday, April 30, 2017

Renee Joy & Reena Joy's Christmas OOTD

December 17, 2014. My two daughters attended their school Christmas Party.

It has been their school's tradition to have a theme or motif for their Christmas party. And this year's theme for my grade four daughter was "70's -80's Fashion". 

I gave my daughter the freedom to choose her outfit. She searched through Google and then showed me her pegged outfit. 

What do you think, was I successful in immitating the outfit?! 

Below are photos of my daughter strutting her 80's attire!

Renee Joy in her 80's outfit.

Another post...

As for my grade 1 student, its Santa Baby outfit for her! Doesn't she look vibrant and pretty in her santa costume?! 

My Yellow Santa Baby...

My two babies really make me proud. Not only are they pretty, they are both smart too! Definitely beauty and brain. Forgive me for lifting the chair, I am just so proud of my daughters! Pagbigyan nyo na ako, Pasko naman. :D

As early as now, I am already excited for their next theme. Hahaha! I really enjoy dressing up my daughters. You know why? I let you in for a little secret - I am a frustrated model! Lol! Hopefully, one of my daughters can realized my dream for me! Hahaha!!! But kidding aside, I would give my 100% support to whatever field they will be pursuing. I guess, every mother would be doing the same too! Right?! 

Advance Merry Christmas to all of you! Let us all have a meaningful and joyful Christmas!


  1. You have lovely kids. You really should be proud of them.

  2. There were a lot of 80's themed party last xmas noh? Your kids outfit looked so cool and're so creative! Happy new year sis!

  3. Hihi cute daughters you have there. It is like having a human sized barbie doll! Im sure they are smart and pretty just like you! Pwede ka pa kumarir ng pagmomodel!!!:) hihi

  4. Haha! Missed responding to these comments! But thank you all for the nice comments! :)



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