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My First Bioessence Experience

Bioessence is one of the many sponsors of the recently concluded (and successful) Blogapalooza 2014 held at the SMX Convention Center at SM Aura. And it is where I got this Premium Pass as a token from Bioessence (Oh, just one of the many perks of being a blogger!).

20 Years of Beauty

So first, let's get to know more about this company. 

It is 20 years and counting for Bioessence, the beauty clinic chain that started operations with only 3- bed clinic (two for facials and one for slimming) in Marfori Heights, Davao City, in 1994. Now a brand in the Philippine beauty business, Bioessence remains competitive, not only for its marketing efforts, but for its clients’ pleasant experiences, as it makes sure a client is well accommodated through courteous greetings and pleasant chats, welcomed with the most hygienic housekeeping and service with quality treatments.

Known for its facial services, Bioessence also prides its brand of customer care, attending to the customers as they come to the clinic on schedule, and follow up on them after the treatments, and make sure the clients are well guided on every step of their beauty regimen.

Bioessence also prides itself as a beauty clinic composed of highly trained therapists, equipped medical related personnel and professional staff. They are trained abroad to be at par with global standards, competent and credible to perform beauty and spa services.

Currently Bioessence has around 50 outlets nationwide. The beauty clinic also came up with its own vanity number, 0918-8-BEAUTY, for a client to now book an appointment for a facial, slimming or wellness offers, inquire for the latest beauty products Bioessence has to offer and more about its aggressive offering of its spa and slimming services. Through 0918-8-Beauty, a client can also ask for assistance to locate the nearest Bioessence branch or its subsidiaries and clinic hours as well. That is truly an improvement from 3-bed clinic where it started.

Now on its 20th successful year, Bioessence advocates sharing wellness to everyone to be the TOP CHOICE when it comes to facial, skin care, non invasive slimming and spa needs!

My Facial Breakout Experience

Last October 30, 2014, I finally got the chance to visit the Bioessence Slimzone branch located in Juan Luna St., Binondo, Metro Manila. I am quite familiar with the place since I previously work in the adjacent building - the State Centre.
(photo grabbed from the web)

Upon entering the clinic, I was immediately greeted, not only by the duty guard, but by a menthol scent. It was a little strong at first, but eventually, the aroma started to relax my senses. The scent reminded me of the ointment they gave me during the Blogapalooza.

At the front desk, upon confirming my booking, I was given a glass of iced tea, and was advised that should I be wanting for more, all I need was to ask. And this goes the same with coffee. Unlimited iced tea and coffee, yey! There was likewise some "pica-pica", though I was not able to try them as I just had my lunch.

The Premium Pass has two options - Beauty Break Facial or Back Massage. I opted to try the Beauty Break Facial.

Before proceeding to my facial, I was asked to fill out a Client Information form.

And then after, I had a consultation with the assigned Front Desk Consultant, Ms. Annie G. Otayde. Ms. Annie was very nice and patient in explaining to me her findings on my skin. She used the Skin Scanner to me in order to show me the current conditions of my face. I wish I was able to take a photo of the inside of the scanner, but all I have is a photo of the scanner, when closed. It looks like a vertical attache case.

As a result of the consultation, Ms. Annie recommends the Clarifying Facial as the best service that suits my current skin condition. Clarifying Facial is a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial treatment with oxygen gommage peel mask, ozone, vacuum, removal of blackheads and whiteheads, high frequency laser, collagen mask, lifting massage and back massage which brings back the natural moisture of the skin. The whole treatment will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes. But since, I have with me a Premium Pass, I just opted to avail of the Breakout Facial. She likewise explained to me what Diamond Peel really is. Initially, I thought that Diamond Peel will cost my skin to visibly peel, but I've learned that that was not really the case. Clarified, I likewise availed of Diamond Peel treatment, for an additional fee of P250.00. :)

After the consultation, I was lead to the 2nd floor and was introduced to Ms. Loida, the one who will be doing the treatment. 

According to Ms. Loida, the branch has a total of 11 rooms, 6 rooms at the ground floor and five rooms at the second floor, thus, enabling the branch to accommodate more clients.

The 2nd floor is very clean and relaxing.

Each room has two beds....

And here is where it all happened... :D

But before anything else, I have to do a selfie :)

My BEFORE the facial photo

Ms. Loida started my facial by first cleansing my face. She then followed it with scrubbing. Afterwards, my face had undergone the steaming process. The steaming lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes. I almost slept during this process. :)

Under the steam

After steaming, she did the Diamond Peel treatment on me. The Diamond Peel lasted for about 10 minutes and I felt the tube-like machine sucking my skin. And if you would ask, don't worry, it doesn't really hurt.

Diamond Peel Treatment

And tadah! My face immediately looks and feels younger just after the Diamond Peel (DP) treatment!

After the DP treatment, Ms. Loida then did some pricking on my face to get rid of my pimples and some more impurities. Then she later on put mask on my face. The mask felt so cold and after about five to ten minutes, I can already feel my face getting thick.

After, Ms. Loida then wiped off the mask on my face, cleanse it and the moisturize it. She likewise put a sunblock on my face for better protection. And that's basically it! I'm done! :)


With Ms. Loida

Overall, I really liked the services done to me. All the staffs are very accommodating and the totality of the clinic is very clean! I would really want to go back in this Bioessence Branch. What I just don't like much about Bioessence is their pricing. I really hope they can have a fix price list so as not to confuse customers. Hoping to try the Clarifying Facial on my next visit as well as their massage (Ms. Loida told me that they really give great massages there!).

Bioessence Slim Zone, Binondo Branch  is located at 375-377 Chua Chiaco Bldg., Juan Luna St., Binondo, Metro Manila and is open from 9:00  o' clock in the morning until 8:00 o'clock in the evening. For booking and more inquiries, you may contact them at tel. no. (02) 2456215 or (02) 2456189.

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