Tuesday, November 25, 2014

36 Days of Buqo Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we've got 36 more reasons to be excited! Come on, read more to know more about this!

Buqo, the number one Filipino digital bookstore, newsstand, and reader that carries a very wide selection of books and magazines is coming up with a special treat this Christmas season!

The Thrill of Giving

‘Tis the season of giving and, yet again, the Christmas spirit brings out the generous side in most (if not all) of usWhat you would love to know is that Buqo have also contracted the generosity bug that’s been going around! So to mark their very first Christmas, they have prepared a little something (quite awesome, actually) just for you!

That “Childhood” Feel

They want you to re-experience that childhood” feeling of anticipating, of finding your gift under the Christmas tree, up to the moment of opening it to your heart’s delight. But this time, allow them to do it digitally (they’re an app after all). 

Dear friends, we to present to you “36 Days of Buqo Christmas”. Yes, that’s 36 days! Because 12 days just isn’t enough!http://www.buqo.ph/

A New Gift Every Day!

So what happens in those 36 days? Buqo will be giving away a book or magazine EVERY SINGLE DAY from November 26 up to the very last day of 2014. new item will be featured daily and will be completely free to download for 24 hours. Hey, that’s a total of 36 books and magazines you’ll be finding under the Christmas tree” (a.k.a. the “36 Days of Buqo Christmas” banner in the app). Isn’t that exciting?!

How Does It Work?

They kept it simple. Starting November 26 ( Yes, it will start today!) at 11:00 am, a new book or magazine will be unveiled on their social media channels as the featured freebie every day (better add them up now!)You will then have 11:00 am until 10:00 am the next day to get it. When 11:00 am comes around again, a new freebie will be up for grabs.

The buqo apps and website will have a special banner in the store that you can check anytime for the featured freebie. If you don’t have the buqo app yet, now’s the best time to get it. Download it on your iOS(http://bit.ly/buqoapple) or Android(http://bit.ly/buqoandroid) device, or both!

Add us up on Facebook(www.facebook.com/buqoapp), Twitter(www.twitter.com/buqo) and Instagram(www.instagram.com/buqoapp) so you’ll be sure to get the freshest and latest news on buqo.Visit us at www.buqo.ph.

Today is the first day of this offering, so better check it out at exactly 11:00 am! Don't miss it! Got any clue on their first gift? I do. But I won't tell you! It is a surprise, remember?! :)

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