Monday, November 3, 2014

Mommy Bloggers Philippines' First Ever Halloween Party

Last October 18, 2014, members of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines held their first ever meet up through a Halloween Party celebration at Fun Ranch, Ortigas - one of the event's major sponsor!

We were at the venue very early, not only because my two daughters were too excited for the event, but also because I have to leave early to attend to another commitment. :( 

While waiting, my daughters played a little, and then we had our lunch. I checked with the committee mommies at the venue and as they were still preparing, I went back to check on my children. :) ( By the way, where's my prize for being an early bird?! Just kidding. :)

lining up for the registration...

Me with my two lovely daughters! :)

When we went up to register, there were already mommies and kids lined up at the registration area. Upon registration, loots were already handed to us! Thank you so much! :)

My daughters likewise registered for the costume contest - Reena Joy for the Fantasy category and Renee Joy for Scary category!

Renee Joy for Scary Category

Reena Joy for Fantasy Category

 After the registration, we immediately roamed around and checked the venue and all the sponsors' booths!

The venue is spacious enough to accommodate everyone. And the decors, I really love how it bursts with lots of colors creating a very festive atmosphere.

Look at the stage! So nice!

The Cream Factory Booth

Rapunzel visited The Cream Factory Booth too!

posing for the #BathRevolution

The Jolly & Dona Elena Pasta Booth

The ZAP Booth

The SansFluo Booth

Unfortunately, I was not able to roam around that much and take photos of the other sponsors who are all generous enough to share with us their products and services.  :(

Fun, Fun, Fun!

There were likewise presentations and activities by the sponsors which made the event more fun and lively!

My daughters enjoyed their pancakes so much, they are even asking me to buy them food colorings so as they could make their own decorative and colorful pancakes in the house! :)

Lots of Raffles...

My prize was claimed by my sister-in-law as my representative. :)

Luckily, my name was drawn during the raffle, which won me a can of Bonakid! Lucky me! Thank you so much Bonakid! :)

Costume Contest

And for the highlight of the event, all the contestants for the costume contest were presented...




And the winners are:

 My daughter, who was dressed as Rapunzel was really happy for winning in the Fantasy category! Thank you so much!
Rapunzel with her proud Dad! :)

 And of course, the moment that everybody was waiting for - Treat or Tricking!

My daughters took home all these goodies!

 And these loots which were given upon registration...

 Thank you so much to all the sponsors for making this event event a very successful one! Everyone took home a lot of goodies! Good job mommies! It's really nice meeting all of you! I really hope we can have more of this event - soon! :)

  By the way, here is my daughter Reena Joy with her Furby prize! She really insisted that I include this photo on my post. :)

Happy Kiddo!!!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter for winning in the costume contest! :) very nice costume indeed! So many loot, right? Many thanks to the generous sponsors! :)

    1. thanks sis! and yes, the sponsors were very generous!

  2. Looks like so much, love the princess costume ;)

  3. Wow! Congrats to your little girl for winning in the costume category :)

    I missed this event. I really hope to join the MBP events in the future.



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