Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let's ZAP It!


Spearning. This is what ZAP is all about. A blending of the words spending and earning, this word simply means maximizing our consuming capability - spending and earning at the same time!

I have learned about ZAP during the Blogapalooza event last October 11, 2014. 

Yours truly at the ZAP Booth

Posing with Diablo - the country's strongest beer!

This gentleman had been so accommodating, he explained to me what ZAP is all about, and how it works! Thank you so much! :)

He likewise assisted me in registering an account with ZAP. Here is the  how the ZAP terminal looks like.

ZAP Terminal

Now, I'm officially registered! Yey!

More about ZAP

Oh well, let's all admit it, we all love to eat and shop! Actually, these are necessities already. So just to further enhance our dining and shopping experiences, a group of wide-eyed dreamers came up with ZAP - "a cross between a rewards card and a loyalty program". 

Basically, ZAP enables you  to earn back 5% to 20% percentage of the amount you spend simply by using a registered mobile number from the over 450 establishments honoring ZAP. Now, isn't that great?! Now, you don't have to be that much guilty whenever you gave in to your cravings to eat out and to your urges to shop, knowing that you'll likewise be earning from it! Yippee!

And the great news doesn't just end there as tech savvy shoppers and foodies can download ZAP's free mobile app, available for IOS and Android. With the app they can check and see a list of the best places to get the best deals, literally right at their finger tips! The app likewise lists the participating merchants nearest to your location. It likewise supplies directions on how to get to the your chosen establishments, very convenient, right?!

Another great thing about this super versatile ZAP  platform is that it does not needs any cards, smartphones, or even the mobile app to avail of its many advantages. All you need is a registered mobile number, and you can earn points right away! 

To know more about Zap, you  may visit their website at www. You can likewise create your account at the site already, and once registered, you can already start SPEARNING

You may likewise click this link, for easier access:


  1. I'm also a zap member already. I've just used it once though. Have to go out more haha!

  2. Very interesting. I'll check out their official website. :) I just wish they also cover places outside Metro Manila..



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