Sunday, September 14, 2014

My First Makeup Workshop

I am not really much of a makeup person. My everyday makeup only consists of powder and lipstick, though I do wear eyeliner and mascara during special occasions. But what really urges me to learn even the basics of makeup application are my two daughters. Whenever there are special occassions, or whenever they have school programs, I always have to ask assistance from their Titas to do their makeups. And I know this has to change. 

So, Last August 30, 2014, I finally attended my first ever makeup workshop. Actually, there were other makeup workshops that I have attended before, but this is the first time I was issued a certification. :)  

Dubbed as Paint Box Artistry's Basic Makeup Workshop, it was actually the 6th Batch of the said workshop. Held at the Pearl Room of 498 Building (a yellow building), Boni Ave. Mandaluyong City, the workshop was attended by more than 30 participants and was facilitated by two makeup gurus - Ms. Elaiza Basas & Teresa Padin.       

The workshop was priced at 1,500.00, but as a reader of  Kikay Si Maria, I was able to avail of the P1,000.00 discounted price. Nice, right?! Inclusive of the registration fee were these loots:  

 Let me list all these freebies one by one. 

Max Factor Mono Eye Shadow

Maybelline Blush On

Biya Makeup Brushes


Snoe Beauty Sleep Bar Soap

Caronia Nail Polish

And lots of Gift Certificates/ Discount Coupons

And with all these freebies and samples, I definitely got my money's worth! 

Present during the workshop are representatives of BSKOS, a Korean Skincare brand and one of the major sponsors of the workshop.

A cute mini booth by Snoe where participants can try and experience their various products. Of course, there were items for sale too!  

There's this cute mini table too with animal print showcasing different makeup products and tools, also available for sale.      

The workshop started with the introduction of all the generous sponsors, and their products by Ms. Elaiza.     

Some of the Sponsors were as follows: 
1. Snoe 
2. Suesh
3. Purple sole
5. Queens Essentials
6. Sweet Treats by ACI-CUPCAKES
7. Oh My Lash
8. Miss Bella
9. Keringkeristore
10. Zen Zest
11. Ellana Minerals
12. Caronia

I really admire the organizers of the workshop for coming up with so many sponsors! There were a lot of freebies and prizes!     

After the introduction and some raffling off of prizes, the workshop proper began. This time, it was the turn of Ms. Tere to share her artistry and expertise in makeup application.

The first thing that she taught us was how to groom our brows. Because according to her, it is really our brows which define our appearance.   

Brow Mapping, this, according to her is the most important part of grooming the brows. This will serve as a guide in shaping and  cleaning the brows. This is how I've done it, lol!

Below photo shows Ms. Teresa doing the brow of one of my co-participants.   

After brow designing. The next thing that she taught was how to do the "day makeup'". Below is our pretty model. 

And with the same model, she later taught us how to transform the "day makeup" into "night makeup".  Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the finished look of our model. 

In between, snacks and refreshment were likewise offered. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of the foods. And unfortunately too, there are some foods which I was not able to taste the cupcake by Aci_Girl! :( I was of one of those who lined up last.   

 "Pila-Balde" (participants lined up to get their snacks)  

There was also a short course on how to take care of the nails and basic design applications, made possible by Caronia, another major sponsor of the event.

Afterwards, the organizers finished raffling off all the prizes. And actually, almost everyone was given a prize. Some  were even raffled twice! Happy us! As for me, I got a gift from Zen Zest!

Overall, the whole workshop was able to deliver its purpose although I think it is better if they make it more intimate next time so as to enable them to focus more on each attendees. And it will also be more convenient if they have provided a projector as well, for better viewing of all the attendees because not all attendees, especially those who were at the back ,were not able to see what's really happening. They still have to stand up and go in front in order to watch the actual demonstrations. So, I guess, the organizers should put all these for considerations in their future workshops.

And speaking of workshop, they now have a schedule for their next batch! It will be on the 25th of October.

And what's more exciting is that they'll be giving away special gifts to the first 10 participants! And guess what they are now offering the workshop at a much lower price of P999.00! So what are you waiting for? Grab your slots now!

To know more about the details of this workshop and other upcoming workshops, you can check @paintboxartistry in Instagram!

And of course, any event won't be complete without some photo ops, so here are some photos of the organizers and workshop attendees!

This is me with the two beautiful makeup gurus cum organizers - Ms. Tere and Ms. Elaiza!

Another photo with Ms. Tere.

And photo of some of the attendees.

Congrats Paint Box Artistry for a successful workshop and good luck to your future ones! :)

By the way, here is my certification of participation for the 6th Batch of Paint Box Artistry's Basic Makeup Workshop!

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