Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My First Brow Threading Experience

I have been hearing and reading a lot of feedbacks about Eyebrow threading lately, and it somehow tickled my curiosity. So when I browse upon the Ensogo a deal by The Brow Studio, I didn't hesitated to purchase the deal! Discounts are always welcome for me! Lol!
Here is an electronic copy if the deal I availed from Ensogo:

The deal includes eyebrow designing and clean-up with one more session of clean-up - all for P249.00! That's more than 50% savings! (Brow clean-up is priced at P188 while Brow Design costs 328)
But what really is eyebrow threading? Upon a little researching, I've learned that this is actually a process, a depilation technique which originated in India but is is only when the European and American women became interested in this tecnique that the popularity of eyebrow threading became a real hit. And by the way, this hair removal technique is not just for the eyebrows as threading can also be used to remove other facial and body hairs! Nice!
Just to give you guys an idea of how threading is done, here is a photo I grabbed from the net (permission to post!).

So to finally satisfy my curiosity, last August 6, 2014, I finally went to The Brow Studio located at the 5th floor of SM Manila to have my brows done. 
The session only lasted for 15-20 minutes. And it started with the staff putting some powder on my brows. At first I didn't know the reason for this but I later learned that this is to remove stickiness for easier threading. And then the staff already started with the procedure. The first thing I felt was numbness on my brow area, and then pain. But the pain is definitely manageable compared to tweezing. After threading, the staff cut the excess hairs using a small sciccors. To address the numbness and pain, they put some cold gel  (I think) on both of my brows , and I'm done!
I took some Selfies at the studio before I had my session.

And here is a photo of me a day after the threading session.

I hope you can somehow see the difference as I've failed to take close up photos! :)

Brow threading will last for about two to three weeks before hairs starts growing back again. And just yesterday, I went back to The Brow Studio to avail of my free Clean-up!

Now, my eyebrows are back again to its beautiful state! Happy me! :)

By the way, if ever you are interested to learn how to do the threading, below is a link of eyebrow threading tutorial, so go ahead and check this link! Enjoy threading! :)


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