Friday, September 12, 2014

Missing Disney Live! Show Again

The first time I've learned that Disney Live, Three Classic Fairy Tales will be showing here in Manila, I was really excited as I've long been wanting to bring my two daughters to watch the show. Price, definitely is the major reason why we failed to watch previous shows of Disney.

But when I've learned through a fellow blogger that the event organizer if the said event is offering discount rates for the show, I was really ecstatic since it offers more than 50% discount. And to avail of the discounted rate, you only have to mention the name of the blogger to whom I've learned the promo from. It's  that easy!

Here is the offered discount:
And so I immediately contacted the organizer through their landline. I think that was either September 3 or 4. I look for the person of Ella, but the one who answered the phone doesn't know the person I'm looking for. I informed her that I'm interested about the discounts offered e for the Disney Live Show, so she took my number and told me that they'll just be contacting me.

And in fairness, it didn't took that long before a certain Roan (Mantuano) called me thru my cellphone. And she did confirm that she is with Ms. Ella and that they are from Limitless Ventures. She likewise mentioned that they did tap some bloggers to help them promote this promotional offer. After, I already gave her the needed details- my name, number of tickets I intended to avail and the date (which is supposedly today, September 13, 2014 at 11:00AM), and my e-mail address as according to her, they will be sending me the payment details thru my e-mail.

But, the following day came and I haven't received any e-mail yet. So I texted Ms. Joan. I asked her why I haven't received any e-mail yet. And she replied that they are just making the necessary procedures and she even assured me that she'll be giving us the best seats! But days passed, and still, I haven't heard from her and haven't received any e-mail from them. I just keep on texting her, but this time, there was no response. It is just unfortunate for me since I accidentally deleted her previous text message. :( 

But since I really wanted to watch the show with my kids, yesterday, I called Ms Roan (before our court session starts), and fortunately she answered the call. And when I do a follow-up on her, she told me to send again the details, and she again assured me (somehow), that my request had been taken care of. But the whole day passed, and still there was no confirmation from them. 

So I guess, we'll have to miss this show again. Anyway, I'm sure there will still be next time. I just hope that next time, the event will be handled by a different organizer/ marketing arm so that things like this can be avoided. 

Till next time.

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