Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unlocking my ability to never forget any detail thru Kitkat BreakMovement

Speed in typing is definitely not a problem for me yet as I am lucky to have a mother who is a court stenographer, that is why we were really trained to master the keyboard, to type without looking (even the typewriter! Lol)!

In terms of creativity, I am quite sure too that I also have a talent in this field so making presentations are not a big deal for me (thanks to the training and experiences I've gone thru being a Communication Arts student).

And if there is one thing I think I've truly mastered, it's being a multi-tasking person. It started also way back in college days, and now that I am already a working mother to two beautiful children, juggling multiple jobs/works at the same time is already part of my everyday routine. That is why I'm confident that I do not have worries in this area.

I used to be a person who was very keen on details as all my jobs, both past and present ( I'm previously into marketing and advertising, now I am a court interpreter) really entails this skill. But somehow, I am already having problems on this matter due to the many duties I'm juggling everyday, I sometimes tend to overlooked some details. Also, maybe all the anesthesia injected into my body is also already having a toll in me, having undergone Caesarian operation. So if there is one skill that I really wanted to unlock, it is the ability to never forget or to miss any details  anymore. With this ability unlocked, I am quite sure I will have a more smooth-flowing daily movement again! 

So, hand me that KitKat now so that I can unlock this skill now! #KitKatBreakMovement

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