Monday, June 23, 2014

The New Best Ever Modess Napkin

Modess is one of my most trusted brand of sanitary napkin. I've been using it since  grade 6, when I first started having my monthly period. And until now, it still remains as one of my favorite brand.

And in order to continuously satisfy its clienteles, Modess once again came up with the New Improved, Best Ever Modess to provide complete protection with our every move! First, it now has a raised center to immediately catch liquid as soon as it comes out. Second, it now has 120 Anti-Leak Funnels to give protection on all sides of the pad. Total protection, indeed! 

Now, every woman can be assured that their life will be a lot more comfortable and worry-free! Thanks to Modess for always trying to make our monthly visit a lot more easier to deal with - and it's a lot cheaper too! :)

So, go try and experience it yourself! :)

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