Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sola Iced Tea

I have been drinking Sola Iced Tea since three or four years ago, although not really that often due to some reasons. First reason, it is not so handy. As it is made of glass, I find it heavy and fragile to carry along whenever I go shopping. Second consideration is the price. It is a little pricey compared to other brands currently available in the market. But, once you taste it, you'll realize why it is priced that way. Each flavor has that refreshingly goodness taste!

So when I won a box of Sola Iced Tea from one of their many contests in Facebook, I was really enthusiastic! 

It was delivered to my address, so there really was no hassle claiming it! ( Thank you so much Sola!)

The box contains eight bottles of different flavors of iced tea ( There were two bottles of the Peach variant, thus, making it 8 bottles. :)

Here are the different variants of Sola Iced Tea:

1. Raspberry

2. Apple

3. Orange

4. Apple Green Tea

5. Peach

6. Lemon

7. Strawberry

I really love the taste of all these flavors. They all have their own unique taste, but still with the same level of smoothness and delicious refreshness. 

A real thirst quencher, Sola Iced Tea is very healthy too as each bottles are delicately brewed using only the finest natural ingredients and a select blend of tea leaves. 

So what are you waiting for?! If you haven't tried these yet, now is the perfect time for you to finally experience these delicious beverages! 

Once again, thank you so much Sola Iced Tea for the freebies! 

Sola Iced Tea is manufactured for The First Enterprises, Inc. Want to know more about it? Go visit their Facebook page and/ or their website at . 

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