Monday, May 12, 2014

Sofia the First, the Princess in Training Arrived in Manila!

Sofia the First is the the youngest and newest addition to the already much loved Disney Princesses! And last May 8-11, 2014, the Princess in Training arrived here in Manila at the SM Mall of Asia, to the delight many, especially the kids. And of course, this was made possible by Toy Kingdom, The Amazing Toy Store!

I decided to bring my two daughters at the said event on May 9, 2014, Saturday.
There were two entrances at the Activity Area. One for the Meet & Greet & one for The Princess Academy. We first lined at the Meet & Greet Entrance as the usherette informed us that the Meet & Greet will only be until 6:00 in the afternoon while The Princess Academy will be open until the end of mall hours.

We were able to get in for the 4:00 Pm slot. There was a short activity and games before the much-awaited appearance of Sofia the First! And ooh, I did felt like a child again! Sofia is really adorable! My two daughters became really ecstatic when they saw Sofia, especially my younger child as she is really an avid fan of this little princess! Unfortunately, when it was already our turn for the photo op with Sofia, we were only allowed one shot to give a fair chance to everyone (although those who came before us were able to get extra shots! Lucky them!) 

Anyway, here is our royal photo with the Royal Princess!

After the Meet & Greet, we again lined for  The Royal Academy. But as we only have one passport which was the receipt of our purchased ( Toy Kingdom run out of journals!), only my younger daughter, Reena Joy was allowed to enter the academy with me. Here is my little girl with our passport to the academy!

The Academy Achiever Card...

At the Academy (activity area), there were 5 activities/tests to complete by the Princess-in-training. 

The Etiquette Test

In this test, the princess-in-training was tasked to pose with a fan to determine whether the princess really knows the proper way of fanning. 

The Princess Pamper Parlour

Each princess got the chance to be given a make-over by wearing Sofia's gown and having their make-ups done!

After which, a photo was taken with the child-princess on the throne using a mini Instax camera. Souvenir photo was instantly available in less than a minute!

Coloring Corner

In here, princesses were given a coloring page of different photos of Sofia. My daughter just love to color the pages!

Create Your Own Amulet

And of course, the princess experience would not be complete without Sofia's Amulet! Kids were given to choose their own sets of beads to make their amulets!

And here is my daughter wearing her version of Sofia the First's Amulet!

All done! All stamped! My daughter Reena Joy is now ready to become a Princess! Thank you so much for the experience Sofia The First! :)

And thank you so much Toy Kingdom for making this event possible! Thank you too for the journal! As the saying goes, better late than never! :) My little princess is very much excited to write all her experiences in this journal!

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