Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nido's Mother's Day Treat 2014

Every year, Nido, the country's leading powdered milk, never really failed to acknowledge the important roles that every mother plays.

For this year, in celebration of Mother's Day , Nido tied up with Bench and launched an online application  entitled "Wear Your Love". 

Using the application, one can personalize a shirt, definitely a great gift for mothers! Definitely a great way to show our love for them!

And on May 11, 2014, exactly on Mother's Day, the courier delivered the shirts!

Oh, they are so cute! Each shirt is tucked inside a Nido tin can with a personalized message - "Happy Mother's Day to you, #1 MOM!"

Here is the shirt personalized and awarded to me by my daughter Renee Joy.

And this is the one especially made for my mom!

Thank you so much Nido and Bench for once again for making Mother's Day truly a special and memorable occasion for all the #1 Moms! Surely, I will once again look forward to your promotions next year! :) 

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