Friday, May 2, 2014

My First Salad Boxes...

I've been seeing, hearing and reading a lot about Saladbox early this year but I haven't had the chance to really avail of it yet. But when I've learned that they had this on going promotion wherein each boxes amounted only to P333 - for a quarter, I told myself that this is the best time for me to finally experience Saladbox!

So, before the offer finally ends, I signed up and availed of their Starter Kit P1,000 for 3 months subscription. Great deal, right?!

And as promised, got my Saladboxes- March & April, within the allotted 3-5 days period.

I really love opening presents, I really love surprises, and these are the same feelings I get every time I am opening packages, or in this case, boxes! :)

My March Saladbox

As the contents of this box was already revealed in their Facebook page, the excitement was not that much anymore. But still, let me show its contents which consists of all Skinfood products.

 My April Saladbox 

And now, let's go to my April Saladbox. The thrill and excitement for the contents of this box are still intact, though, there were already hints from the fan page. So, here are the contents:

If the March Saladbox composed of all Skinfood products, the April Saladbox contains all Regatta Products which goes by the theme - All Aboard! 

Let's unbox it one by one.

1. 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Woman (P425)

2. Sunblock Spray SPF 70 UVA/UVB (245)

3. Lip Balm with Sunscreen Protection in Green Apple & Chocolate ( P85 each)

4. Special Edition Wooden Comb

This box also contains bonus treats such as this sample of the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Man

and this 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Charm Bracelet 

Each Saladboxes are definitely all worth it! I can't wait to try each and every products! Can't wait for my next box to arrive too! Will try to blog on all these products soon! :)

Saladbox is Philippines' premier beauty and lifestyle subscription service that let you try and experience products, and eventually discover what products will really work best for you! 

Want to know more about Saladbox? Go check their Facebook page and/or visit their website at

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