Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My 2nd Visit to Vikings, Mall of Asia

I had my second visit at Vikings Mall of Asia last April 21, 2014, lunch time, in advance celebration of our judge's birthday, who just turned 53 today! 

And just like my first visit of the place, the place was full! Luckily, we sent an advance party to make the necessary reservations.

We occupied tables, 501 & 502 which were adjacent to the Japanese and Chinese cuisines. 

And with that, I first served my self with sumptuous servings of different sushis & dumplings, and chicken feet too!

I love them all! Everything is delicious!

I then again satisfied my taste buds with seafoods and kebabs. (Was not able to take photos!)

I also had my share of green salads. The Pomelo salad was surprisingly very delicious too! It definitely refreshed my taste buds.

And of course, my meal won't be complete without deserts! My office mate tried the following:

While, as for me, I enjoyed these - fruit salad in gelatin, a small bite of cake, and a bite-size cassava!

The Avocado ice cream is very good too! I am not a fan if avocado, but i surely enjoyed it! It is in fact one of the many fave of our judge!
I really enjoyed our lunch, though I was not able to try much of the cuisines... ( I am on a diet, I kept on reminding myself!) I am satisfied with all that I had. 

Below are photos of the other offerings that day...

There was only one thing that I disapproved that day - the air conditioning. It was a little hot that time,but can't really blame it all to the management because the weather was really extremely hot that day! :)

Oh, and before I miss mentioning, one of our companion, the wife of my officemate was actually celebrating her birthday that day, thus, we were able to avail of their Birthday promo wherein the celebrant gets to eat for free! Isn't that great?! All she did was to present an ID bearing her birthdate, that's easy! And she was instantly treated like a Viking! The staffs did their traditional birthday song, and she was even given a cute cake with a candle on it!

And below, of course, are photos of me and my office mates who all enjoyed the foods served that day!

And let me close this post with this photo...

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